XSplit vs OBS | Which One Is Best For You ?

If you are planning to stream games on twitch, then you probably have heard of OBS and XSplit platforms. Both the open broadcast applications have their own pros and cons and it’s difficult to say which one is better. So, I’ve decided to study the ins & outs of both the platforms and then I will conclude at the end which software will be best for you. Therefore, Let’s begin the battle of “XSplit vs OBS” and decide which one is the better tool?XSplit vs OBS | Which One Is Best For You ?

1. XSplit vs OBS: Pricing

XSplit vs OBS | Which One Is Best For You ?OBS is completely free software with all the features, whereas the XSplit is only free for the Gimped version and charges about 2.50$/month to provide premium services. But we should also consider the premium features coming with it while making a difference. Also, OBS has good video quality as compared to XSplit that has a simulated green screen while streaming. OBS doesn’t have any overlay screen, whereas the XSplit contains an overlay screen with lots of features which will help in better streaming.

Winner: OBS wins the game because it’s providing enough features in the free package.

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2. OBS vs XSplit: Performance

XSplit vs OBS | Which One Is Best For You ?Both the software are capable of streaming games with 720p at 30 fps with just a little performance drop, but they can’t able to do so at 60 fps. But, the OBS can achieve the milestone of 60 fps at 1152×658 which the XSplit can’t be able to achieve. Also, the OBS is capable of managing heavy games streaming as compared to the XSplit software. So, which one is the winner of the section? Clearly, OBS can be a winner because of its capability of streaming videos at 60 fps.

Winner: OBS

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3. OBS vs XSplit: Plugins and Customization

XSplit vs OBS | Which One Is Best For You ?OBS has a separate library of plugins, whereas the XSplit doesn’t have even one plugin which can be mentioned here. Also, the OBS offers more customization options and provides better control as compared to the XSplit software. It doesn’t have any set of customization option and has ease of use only at the initial stage. As the XSplit requires more technical skills, so you must choose it if you are a techy person. If you don’t have technical knowledge, then don’t worry, you still have the option to choose OBS.

Winner: OBS

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4. XSplit vs OBS: Ease of Use

XSplit vs OBS | Which One Is Best For You ?While the OBS doesn’t have a good interface, so I find the XSplit streamer much easier to operate than OBS. XSplit offers an attractive layout with less advanced features, so it may not confuse the newcomers. While the XSplit provides a huge library of on-screen features so it will be easy for you to create videos without spending too much time. I like all these features laid down by the XSplit because they help me to stream videos with insane speed and I can stream video with a quick click to start and stop the video.

Winner: XSplit

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5. OBS vs XSplit: Integration Abilities

Both OBS and XSplit have the incredible ability when it comes to integration. But, if both provide the same value, then why I have added it in this battle? In this context, the thing which puts XSplit over the OBS is that it offers an extra feature which you can use to add apps for specific connections, whereas the OBS is failed to do so. But, it doesn’t mean that the OBS is a complete slacker. Thought it has a wide range of methods which you can use to integrate other features as well.

Winner: XSplit

6. OBS or XSplit: Which One is Better?

As you can see that the OBS has been featured in most of the sections above, but it doesn’t mean that it will work best for you. If you ask me then I will recommend you to go for OBS, but you can also choose another one.

So, What are your opinions regarding them? Which platform do you use to stream videos? Do you have queries regarding this post? Let me know in the comment section below and we would love to talk with you.


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