Solution – Windows 10 Update Stuck (Also Working for Windows 7)

Windows 10 came with a lot of feature along with some bugs. And the most common bug is the Windows Update process. Windows 10 updates stuck in middle and then you have no idea what is happening on the back of your computer screen. This problem arose when windows 10 developers decided to enable automatic installing of updates by default. Sometimes they get installed pretty quickly and easily, but sometimes they take heck lot of time and gets stuck in the middle of the update process.Solution - Windows 10 Update Stuck (Also Working for Windows 7)

You usually deal with these error messages when you’re about to get stuck in the update process:

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Preparing to configure Windows. Do not turn off your computer.

Configuring Windows updates x% complete Do not turn off your computer.

Please do not power off or unplug your machine. Installing update x of x…

Working on updates, x% complete Don’t turn off your computer.

Keep your PC on until this is done Installing update x of x…

Getting Windows ready Don’t turn off your computer.

Why Windows 10 Update Stuck In Middle And How You Can Fix It

There are probably hundreds of reason for the possible error in a windows update. Most of the time, these errors arise due to hardware and software conflicting with the update process or maybe some sleeping error which got up with the windows update.

And in some rare cases, the problem is because of Microsoft for not compiling the update package properly.

There are few steps you can take to take care of this problem

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How to Confirm that Windows 10 Update Stuck

Yeah, it sounds ridiculous, but windows updates are huge and take a lot of time. So please wait at least two-three hours before you jump to any conclusion.

Finding and fixing windows 10 update stuck issues

  1. Press Control-Alt-Del ar the same time and check if you can go back to your windows desktop screen. You will be redirected to windows login screen after you press the key combinations.Solution - Windows 10 Update Stuck (Also Working for Windows 7)
  2. Smash that Restart button! Sometimes its the best option to get rid of any windows related problem. After pressing restart button- pray for a successful bootup. If it doesn’t then move to the third step.Solution - Windows 10 Update Stuck (Also Working for Windows 7)
    • Note: If Restart button doesn’t help, try pressing the power button for solid 3-4 seconds, and the PC will shut down. Then turn it on again. If you’re a laptop or tablet user, then you can remove the battery and plug it in.Solution - Windows 10 Update Stuck (Also Working for Windows 7)
  3. Try starting windows in safe mode. A safe mode is a special tool in windows (it appears when you’re restarting a windows pc after an unsuccessful shutdown) which loads only a minimal set of drivers and services that are needed by windows to operate properly. If some third party drivers were the reason for the updates getting stuck, then this will surely help.Solution - Windows 10 Update Stuck (Also Working for Windows 7)
  4. If the above method didn’t solve your problem, then you can undo all the changes by reverting back to a restore point before installing the updates. You can access system restore wizard from advanced startup options in if your windows 10 update stuck. However this option is not available for old users, so if your windows 10 update stuck in the middle, then you can choose recovery options from the boot menu itself.Solution - Windows 10 Update Stuck (Also Working for Windows 7)
  5. Testing your memory or RAM for reasonable drops which might be the issue for update process to freeze
  6. Update your BIOS settings for possible errors. Sometimes windows updates are directly related to hardware, and your BIOS settings can stop them from being implemented.Solution - Windows 10 Update Stuck (Also Working for Windows 7)
  7. If nothing is helping you, then you should just move on and install a new copy of windows on your PC from scratch.With a clean install of windows, there will be no third party drivers or software to conflict with the update process.

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This is all you have to do if in case your windows 10 update stuck. We hope you learned few new things about the windows update process. If you did, then please share this article and let your friends know what to do if they face such problems.

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