5 Best Free WhiteBoard Animation Software of 2021

Everything around us is digitized now. People today have greater access to smartphones and mobile phones almost all the time. They seek information and understanding a query through that, and videos prove to be the most favorable medium. Be it explaining lectures to students of school level, university level or the corporate people who require to present their ideas and deals through the visual mode.5 Best Free WhiteBoard Animation Software of 2021

5 Best Free Whiteboard Animation Software

Videos are always a great way to pass information clearly. These whiteboard software are something which everything should have installed on their devices to help understand things better themselves and make others explain as well. Below are a few free whiteboard software that are a must-try:

1. Simpleshow video maker

This is one such video-making software that is much liked and used by corporates and others. The software is simply helpful for all kinds of customers, and it is helpful professionally if you wish to promote your company products train the employees or any professional communication within the organization or outside, for educational purpose to teach students or for personal uses as well for creativity etc. simple show contains a pool of audio, images, graphics, and other things you need to create a whiteboard animation video. As the name suggests it simplifies the way of creating any videos. Simpleshow is used by well-known apps such as Rossmann, WBS training, Degussa bank, BOSCH and may more.

2. Rawshorts

This software uses AI technology to make video drafts by converting texts into videos. This feature of raw shorts help you save hours of editing which would have been wasted otherwise. The software first scans and analyzes the video-script to identify the text then assembles video outline there by adding animation and voice narration in reference to the text and at last allows you to customize the video if you wish to and share the wonders with all.

3. Render forest

It is another free software that allows the users to share their message of ideas with high creativity. Render forest aims at serving the needs of businesses of all sizes. You can prepare videos, logos, graphics, mockups and websites with minimized effort and time. You can use 500+ templates of all categories to make your desired video, graphics or anything. Software contains easy customizable scene to make engaging videos for all purposes in just few minutes. You can browse the website categories, pick a template of your own and start customizing it; also you can create your own website from scratch by adding components.

4. Animaker

Animaker is a platform for beginners, non-designers and professionals to make live-action videos and animation videos. This software is not just used by people like us but also by some of the leading brands in the market like Amazon, Philips, Hindustan Unilever and many more. All you need to do is register yourself on their website to enjoy their tools for free. You just need to use its drag and drop tool to select and organize the media files to create a video of your own.

5. Powtoon

This software is one of the most liked software during this time. Powtoon helps you create professional videos with a very engaging connect with the viewer. You will find almost everything of your need in video making software. The user can create videos of any styles such as whiteboard videos, animated presentations, explainer videos, screen recordings, infographic reports, and more, for personal and professional videos both. You can secure your videos with ISO-certified private cloud. After the video is made you can share it on your social media platforms without any trouble and even download it on your device.

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Whiteboards videos have great utilization for users of all kinds, no enterprise bigger or smaller cannot resist its usage. They can be made and shared without much hard work. This is why there has been certain software developed with the latest AI technology fitted in best suit the needs of the user and help them simplify their work in a creative and simplified manner. Why worry about your video-making skills? Try out any of these popular and efficient, free-of-cost software mentioned above to earn appreciation.

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