Whatsapp Plus Anti Ban Apk Latest Version Download | 2020

Since the last decade, Whatsapp has become one of the most popular social media platform used by everyone. Being a Social media platform, it allows you to send messages, emojis, images, and videos to your family members, friends, and relatives.

Due to its popularity, there are hundreds of other similar apps have been released by various creators. All these applications provide you with better features and customization options when compared with the regular version.whatsapp plus anti ban apk

One such similar app is Whatsapp Plus that’s available in the market for free. Using the Whatsapp Plus Anti Ban Apk Latest version, we can avoid all such limitations which we face in the regular version and can customize our Whatsapp as per our preferences.

What is Whatsapp Plus Anti Ban Apk?

Developed by Omar, Whatsapp Plus Apk is one of the best Whatsapp alternatives offering you hundreds of additional features and customization options. You can use all these features to customize your Whatsapp as per your own preferences.

A few months back, Whatsapp started banning their users for using Whatsapp Plus Apk, but their developers have come with an Anti-Ban Apk which allows you to use the Whatsapp Plus Apk even without getting banned.

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Features of the Whatsapp Plus Anti Ban Apk Latest Version?

There are several features that Whatsapp Plus Anti Ban Apk 2020 provides, but we are going to share a few of them as follows:

1. Personalized View

Whatsapp Plus Apk comes with hundreds of customizable themes which you can use to change your Whatsapp screen as per your choice. Along with this, it also has a list of amazing icons which you won’t get in the regular Whatsapp version.Whatsapp Plus Anti Ban Apk Latest Version Download | 2020

2. Avoid Restrictions

Whatsapp Plus No Ban Apk has removed all the restrictions which you might have faced while using the regular Whatsapp version.

3. Security

Whatsapp Plus Apk takes care of your privacy by locking the chats which protect them from any kind of unauthorized access.

4. Add Different Status

Whatsapp Apk Latest Version also allows you to set the different status for different contacts.

5. Send Private Messages in Groups

If you want to show your messages to a single person in a group, then you can use the Whatsapp Plus Unban Apk latest version to do so.

6. New Themes

Whatsapp Plus Anti Ban Apk Latest Version Download | 2020There are many new themes available for you. If you want to change themes then you can do it from settings. And, I know that you like those themes.

7. Status Download

Whatsapp Plus Anti Ban Apk Latest Version Download | 2020Here you can not only view your contact’s status. But you can download them in this application. So what are you waiting for?

8. Auto Reply Message

Whatsapp Plus Anti Ban Apk Latest Version Download | 2020You will get auto-reply feature in this WhatsApp plus anti ban apk. If you want to send an automatic message then you can do it now.

How Can I Install Whatsapp Plus Anti Ban Apk 2020

  • Go to your old Whatsapp Settings>Chats>Backup option.
  • From there, backup all of your chats data.
  • Uninstall your old WhatsApp.
  • Now, download and install the Whatsapp Plus Apk on your device.
  • Launch it on your device.
  • Agree to their terms and conditions, enter your mobile number and hit the Next button.
  • Now, you’ll receive an OTP on your device.
  • Just enter it in the verification code field and tap on the Next button.
  • Now, restore your chats data and wait until it finishes.
  • As soon as it’s done, then you can start using the Whatsapp Plus Apk.

Why Should I Use Whatsapp Plus Apk Instead of the Regular Version?

Whatsapp regular version is amazing, but you can’t deny the fact that it has limited features. As contrary to this, Whatsapp Plus Apk is loaded of hundreds of limitless features which makes you a Pro Whatsapp user.

The best part is that it keeps your chats, data and media files secure from any kind of unauthorized access. This was one of the reasons why I migrated to the Whatsapp Plus Apk Latest version.

Alternatives to the Whatsapp Plus Anti Ban 2020

However, Whatsapp Plus is an amazing Whatsapp clone providing you 100s of features of customization options for free, but still, some people might always be looking for some alternatives. If you are one of those, then here are a few Whatsapp alternatives which you can use:

1. YoWhatsApp

YoWhatsApp is another great alternative to the regular Whatsapp version providing you 100s of features for free. Some of the features include creating multiple accounts, different themes, icons, etc.

2. NEW Whatsapp

New Whatsapp is an excellent choice when it comes to finding an alternative to the Whatsapp regular version. If you’re looking to have a Whatsapp screen with good themes, fonts, and icons, then you should opt for this.

Note:- We can not provide you the link of these 2 applications, Because maybe they are not safe. But if you really want to use those apps then you can google it to download those apps.

Final Words

That’s it! This was the latest version of Whatsapp Plus App which you can use on your Android device. We will keep on sharing further updates regarding the latest releases of Whatsapp Plus Anti Ban App. So, we recommend you to bookmark this page for further updates.

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