What is SSID? Everything You Need to Know About it

You often see the word “SSID” while connecting to wi-fi networks. An SSID is consists of 32 characters and mainly used to name the wi-fi networks. This is because, when multiple wi-fi networks overlap in a certain location, then the SSIDs make sure that the gats are sent to the correct destination. Without the SSID, sending and receiving data with multiple wi-fi networks seems impossible. So, it becomes necessary to have some knowledge about the SSID. Therefore, without further discussion, let’s move the point directly.What is SSID? Everything You Need to Know About it

What Does SSID Stand For?

SSID stands for “Service Set Identifier” that refers to a collection of wireless network parameters. It tells you to join a particular service set. You can dig more about this on Wikipedia, but generally its a technical term that’s mainly used to name the wireless networks. For instance, if you take your laptop to a coffee shop and try to connect to the local wi-fi, then your laptop will display a number of SSIDs. You just have to select the coffee shop SSID and then enter the password to connect.

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How Does the SSID Works?

What is SSID? Everything You Need to Know About itBasically, SSIDs are designed to distinguish between multiple wireless networks available in the same area, so that you can connect to the right one. SSID is used by all types of wireless networks. Even the Router manufacturers often provide the default SSID, but you can change it to anything you want. But, this is only possible if you control the wi-fi network and have administrative access.

As I mentioned above that an SSID is consists of 32 characters in length. They all are case-sensitive, so you need to set it carefully. Keep in mind that some special characters like spaces, dashes, and underscore are not allowed. The wireless network will display a list of SSIDs so that you can connect to the right one.

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How Devices Use the SSID?

What is SSID? Everything You Need to Know About itAll the wireless devices like laptops and mobile phones scan the local area for wi-fi networks and then display a list of the available SSID name. After that, you just have to choose the right SSID and connect to it.

Once you’re connected to a particular wi-fi network, then your device will try to connect with all the wi-fi networks with the same SSID. But, Things get more complicated if there are two wi-fi networks available in a particular area with the same SSID.

If this happens, some devices will connect to the strongest one and on the other hand, some other may connect to the first one they see. So, there may be some issues if your neighbor has the same SSID as yours. It will occur some connection problems for both of you. Therefore, the only solution is to set up a custom SSID so that it wouldn’t confuse the wi-fi networks.

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Issues with SSIDs

As you know, that everything in this world has a positive impact as well as negative impact. So, SSID also has some negative that might be necessary to share with you. Therefore, here are some of the main issues with SSIDs:-

  • If the wireless network doesn’t have any security options, then anyone can connect to that network by just knowing the SSID.
  • As I mentioned above that choosing the same SSID may cause connectivity problems. So, we recommend you to set a custom SSID for your wi-fi network.
  • The SSID you choose may only contain general information.
  • Sometimes the SSID can contain offensive language messages.


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