What is HughesNet Customer Service Phone Number?

Getting in touch with customer service is a frequent thing if you have internet services at your house or office. That is because there can be ongoing issues such as billing concerns, service inquiries, complaints against slow service, Wi-Fi issues, or many other things. And in case you do not have the right number, it causes delays and becomes frustrating as you have to call around and wait until you are connected to the right department.What is HughesNet Customer Service Phone Number?

For Hughesnet customers, getting in touch with customer services is not a difficult task as there are various ways to contact them. No matter you are having issues regarding connectivity, billing, speed fluctuations, or would like to add some more data to your account, Hughesnet customer service teams got it covered for you. 

What is HughesNet Customer Service Phone Number?

 If you want to contact HughesNet customer service by phone, you can call 1-855-771-3154 and get help. It does not matter whether you are English speaking customer or Spanish is your preferred language of communication, you will be able to choose. 

Through this phone number, you can get assistance regarding your billing concerns, find out details about your recently placed orders, request for a technician to come over and fix any issues for you, or any other customer service related tasks.

Other Ways to Contact HughesNet Customer Service

If you do not have the time to call customer services and are interested in finding out about other ways to contact HughesNet Customer Services and Support, Hughesnet offers other options for you as well. These options allow customers to get assistance without calling CS. Moreover, during rush hours when there is a long wait time to speak to a rep, you can utilize these methods and save yourself the trouble of staying online for hours.

HughesNet Live Chat Support

Live Chat is an easier way for customers to get answers to their questions or get help regarding their account, without calling customer service. Hughesnet also offers this option for customers so that they can ask for assistance whenever they need it, without relying on calling. 

There are generally several chat support teams that are expert in their fields and handle different concerns as per their expertise. For instance, if you have a billing concern, Live Chat will bring a representative online who has his/her expertise in handling billing concerns. That makes the flow easier and saves time and customers get help faster.

This is also a great way for those customers who are not able to get on a phone and want to multi-task so that they do not have to reserve a specific time to talk to someone from customer service.

Email Assistance

In case live chat with the customer service team or even calling is not an option for you, another way that you can use to explain your issue to the customer service is by contacting them via email.

If you want to send an email to Hughesnet customer service, you can do so after logging in to your account. After that, you will have to fill in the online form that will be available to you in your account. In the details, write your concern with complete details and the solution that you are looking for. For instance, if that is a billing concern where you are looking to get an extension on the payment date, you can provide all the details and let them know when can you pay the bill. Once you are done, submit that form.

Usually, customers get a response within the next few hours. However, the maximum time limit provided by Hughesnet regarding email responses is 24 hours. So, be patient and wait for them to respond instead of writing again and again.

HughesNet Mobile App

For those who are interested in a way to manage their account easily instead of using any means to contact customer services over and over again, Hughesnet also offers a mobile app. This app allows customers to manage their accounts, check details about their monthly data, add data coupons, check billing details, and even request help in case they need any.

This makes things a lot easier as everything is accessible and is in one place. Moreover, it saves customers the hassle of calling customer service for every small concern since they can manage a lot of things from their phone.

If you would like to get benefit from this, you can go to your app store or play store on the phone and search for Hughesnet mobile app. After downloading it, you will have to log in to your online account. The dashboard will open in front of you and will show you all the options and the menus for what you can do through that app.

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