What Can You Do With a Rooted phone (10 Awesome Tricks)

Hello, friends, Today’s article is about an important, interesting and knowledgeable topic, that is what can you do with a rooted phone? Here in this article, we will describe to you exactly what you can do with a Rooted phone? And you will know about the several things you can do with a rooted phone. So without wasting more time, let’s begin the article.What Can You Do With a Rooted phone (10 Awesome Tricks)

What Can You Do With a Rooted Android Phone

1. Increases RAM in your device

You can increase the RAM of your phone by which you can install a number of apps. And your device will work properly without getting hanged.

2. Flash Custom ROM

What Can You Do With a Rooted phone (10 Awesome Tricks)

Nowadays people are crazy about custom ROM. With it, you can get a new User Interface and a new and amazing look of the system of your device. With this, it also increases your device’s performance and power and lots of other tasks also.

3. Flash custom recovery and kernel

Every android user should install the custom recoveries on their device like TWRP, CWM etc. And to increase the performance of your device you need to install the custom kernel on your device.

4. You can do much more with WiFi connections

We all need Internet connection nowadays. And by rooting your device you can hack someone’s WiFi connection easily. Rooting can also help you when you are getting low speed while connecting with a WiFi connection which can be due to connecting number of users with that connection. Rooting can also help you to kill the WiFi connection of other users.

5. Block Websites

What Can You Do With a Rooted phone (10 Awesome Tricks)Most of the readers who are reading this article are might be unaware about that we can also block a website. If you are confused about this then let me explain to you that it is just like blocking a person on Facebook. Same if we want to block a site then we can block it by rooting our phone.

6. You can use Best Rooted Apps

There are so many amazing apps available for Android which we can not use and enjoy easily. But by rooting your phone you can install those apps on your device and also can use them. Check out best Rooted apps for android.

7. Change your Android Device IMEI number

What Can You Do With a Rooted phone (10 Awesome Tricks)Friends, IMEI number is a unique code given to our device by manufacturing companies. IMEI number is used for many tasks. Using it, a mobile can be traced. Manufacturer companies do not provide any option or right to change this IMEI number. But by just rooting your mobile phone you can get the ability to change your mobile IMEI number.

8. Recover Deleted Files

What Can You Do With a Rooted phone (10 Awesome Tricks)Many of times we accidentally delete some files from devices. And when we try to recover them, we get failed. Because there is no possible way to recover deleted file without rooting a device. But by rooting your device you can recover your any type of deleted file with it.

9. You can boost your device faster

Everyone prefers to use the technologies which save more time or have a better speed. And the same thing applies on our devices also. Rooting your phone you can boost up your device faster.

10. You can Hack some mobile games

Collecting gems, stones, diamonds, coins, etc are a part of almost every game. But sometimes we find it difficult to collect enough amount of them to complete the task. In this case, Rooting can help you. You can hack any game by rooting your device to unlock new levels or features of your desired game. Checkout Method to crack some games and apps.


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