Chrome is one the most used browser from all its competitor. A few of you might be using firefox, opera or safari. However, the amount of support and plugins you get with google chrome is more than any other browser. You can install multiple plugins and apps inside chrome which helps you with your work. You can also enable WebGL chrome wich simple means Web Graphics memory.

What is Chrome WebGL

WebGL chrome is a javascript API which allows the computer hardware to load or render 3D and 2D mathematical illustrations within your browser window. The best part is that you don’t need to install any third party plugins to access that because WebGL chrome is one of its integrated features which comes along with the installation package.

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How To enable WebGL

On Chrome Browser:

  1. First, you have to enable hardware acceleration which you can enable at by typing chrome://settings in the address bar.
  2. Scroll down. and click on show advanced.
  3. Go to system section and check on Hardware acceleration when available.
  4. Close chrome and relaunch chrome browser.
  5. Now go to chrome://gpu.
  6. Under graphics feature status, you might find three results.
  • Hardware accelerated:  This means that WebGL is enabled and operating on the graphics card
  • Software only, hardware acceleration unavailable: This means that WebGL is enabled but its running on Software.
  • Unavailable: This means that WebGL is not available on hardware as well as software.

This is how you can enable Chrome WebGL, but not everyone uses chrome, so we are also giving a short tutorial on how to enable WebGL on other browsers.

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On Opera Browser:

  1. Type this URL about:config in address bar.
  2. Click browser on the left-hand menu option.
  3. Click on Show advanced settings
  4. Go to system section and check Use hardware acceleration when available option
  5. Restart Opera Browser

On Safari Browser:

  1. Go to Safari Preferences.
  2. Choose Advanced Tab option.
  3. Check on Show Develop menu in menu bar option.
  4. Go to safari Develop menu, check on Enable WebGL option.
  5. Quit Safari app and relaunch it again.

On Firefox Browser:

  1. Type about:config in the address bar of firefox browser
  2. Search for WebGL.disabled option
  3. Make sure that the value of this option is set to false.
  4. Close all Firefox windows.
  5. Restart Firefox browser to check if the value for WebGL is false.
  6. Now got to in your Firefox browser.
  7. Click on Inspect the WebGL Renderer row which is located in the Graphics table:

If the current status shows a graphics card manufacturer, model, and driver name

  • (for, eg, NVIDIA Corporation — NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M OpenGL Engine), then it means that the WebGL option is enabled.
  • If the status is something down to the line of  Blocked for your graphics card because of unresolved driver issues or “Blocked for your graphics driver version,”

then it means that your graphics card/driver is blacklisted and you can not access WebGL services.

Few Words From Author

Well, guys, that’s a brief tutorial on how to enable Chrome WebGL and other web browsers. Let us know if you’re facing any difficulties while enabling WebGL in the comment section below and we will be happy to help you out.


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