Web-Based GUI Best Practices in 2019

It’s a well-known fact that nowadays about 99 % of all apps are web-based. There are many factors that predetermine the performance and success of online applications. One of them is a professional and nifty graphic user interface design. GUI is of paramount importance if you want to create a  high-quality solution. Let’s shed light on some of the most obvious advantages of creating perfect web-based GUI.Web-Based GUI Best Practices in 2019

Pros of building good user interface design

  • GUI helps gain customers’ confidence. 

It’s obvious that if something doesn’t work properly or looks ugly in your solution, users will have negative associations with your services and company in general. You can win customers’ confidence in your product thanks to professional GUI design. 

  • User-friendly interface can help you stand out.

It’s crucially important to understand customers’ needs and expectations, if you want to ensure great online experience. It’s necessary to investigate your users’ wants and only after that create professional GUI and UX design for your software solution. In this way you can achieve success and make significant progress.   

  • Good GUI design simplifies things and ensures smooth navigation.

You should make using your application a joy for your customers, not a torture. A well-designed application or site enables users to find what they are searching for quickly and easily. It communicates all the necessary information that users want to know and exactly at the time when they need it. Customers don’t like to spend time on trying to find the required information. Skilful GUI design allows users to understand intuitively how an application works and where to locate what they need. 

  • Professional GUI design ensures good user experience on any devices.

These days thare is a large variety of gadgets in the market. One of the crucial advantages of really good user interface is its ability to adapt to different screen sizes. In this way you can cater for the needs of each and every user and create customer loyalty.

  • Excellent GUI might help you gain new clients and retain them.

In the modern competitive and dynamic marketplace, it’s important to have the ability to outperform your opponents and gain new clients. Nifty GUI design allows attracting everybody’s attention and ensures perfect user experience. If your design is appropriate and makes customers feel comfortable, they will eagerly use your app and stay loyal. 

  • With good user interface you can save on support service.

If your application is well-designed and doesn’t confuse customers, it is likely that there will be almost no contacting  support service. It’s because users will be able to do everything online without any assistance.

  • GUI can influence the development time.

Unfortunately, bad and inefficient user interface design can lead to the necessity of wasting valuable development time on fixing bugs and problems with app performance. But when GUI design is created  properly, a lot of web development time can be saved.

The necessity of creating excellent GUI design is apparent, but it’s also important to know how to create it. 

Top GUI Practices in 2019 

  1. You can create GUI with the help of pure JavaScript. But in this way you will be one-on-one with your project. And it will take a considerable amount of time to get things done. Such kind of work requires a systematic approach and in-depth knowledge of JavaScript. It’s also necessary to organize the code structure properly in order to ensure its testing, versioning, and readability for further support and development.
  2. A completely different approach is to use a mature CMS, for example such  growing and developing systems as Sitecore or Adobe EXPERIENCE CLOUD.Here everything has been already prepared for you. All you need to do is to organize JavaScript GUI  for your app with the help of high-level tools. In this way you can focus on the workflow and usability. One of the main disadvantages of CMS is a really high cost of their services (starting from 10.000 USD). In addition, the final  software solution is usually too cumbersome which might scare away medium and small businesses, as in this case the customization and simplification of the system can be compared to the cost of developing their own compact CMS
  3. The optimal decision is to use JavaScript GUI frameworks and libraries for web development. One of their greatest advanthttps://webix.com/ages is a comparatively low price of commercial licenses (about $250). There is also the possibility to develop a software solution under GPL license for free. JS libraries contain ready-made responsive widgets and controls that can be used to create exactly the GUI that you need for your solution. All the components are built and repeatedly tested by highly competent specialists. One more significant advantage is that JavaScript GUI frameworks and libraries never stop evolving and stay current. They ensure the highest quality of the end-product and efficient support service.

Bottom line

 When creating a web-based application, it’s necessary to bear in mind the importance of  high-quality GUI design. It’s also crucial to find a proper way how to build GUI. Using JavaScript frameworks and libraries is a reasonable and efficient way of creating performant solutions with perfect graphic user interface.

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