Unlock Your Growth Using This Guide For B2B Social Media Strategy

Social media is more than a place for entertainment or businesses. However, only B2C businesses have recognized its potential in driving customers further in the purchase funnel. Social media can function as a strong marketing tool for B2B businesses as well. With its immense reach, it is more effective than any other marketing tool, such as paid advertising, trade shows, etc. Unlock Your Growth Using This Guide For B2B Social Media Strategy

Unfortunately, most B2B businesses rely on the afore-mentioned traditional methods of marketing. It’s high time that these businesses invest in organic marketing methods to attract customers and experience growth. 

Here is how you can create a robust B2B social media strategy and get good outcomes. 

Identify the Key Performance Indicators

Key performance indicators are crucial to creating a successful B2B social media strategy. Outline specific KPIs along with a time frame. For instance, getting a 20% rise in web traffic within a month or 200 subscriptions on YouTube in one month. With well-defined KPIs, you will know where to shift your focus and how to work to achieve your goals. 

Once you have determined the KPIs, identify the metrics to track them. Constantly tracking your KPIs will help you know where you are lacking. Use tools like Google Analytics to find out what social media strategies are attracting the audience. 

Determine the social media channel 

Today, numerous social media platforms are entertaining the classes and the masses. Almost every platform is suitable for B2B marketing, but utilizing every channel may not be required. 

Select a channel used by your target audience. Being a B2B business, you might be more interested in setting your foot on LinkedIn rather than Instagram. 

LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube are the most popular sites for B2B content distribution. Launching robust marketing strategies on these platforms will help you achieve your KPI and direct traffic to your website. 

Optimize your profile 

In general, a well-optimized profile with up-to-date information and a profile picture tends to get more attention than a profile with no information. Hence, ensure that you share every relevant information with your audience on your social media profiles.

Upload a high-resolution picture of your company logo on LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and any other platform you are using. Describe your company in a few but effective words. Give a brief about your offerings to entice the visitors. Provide your contact information too. 

Create meaningful content for social media 

The content you post on your social media channels can make or break the deal for you. Hence, make sure you post relevant content that brings value to the audience. 

Instead of focusing on a single dimension, create multi-dimensional content. Create content that could appeal to your buyers at every stage of purchasing funnel. Moreover, create content targeting different buyer personas. From blog posts, articles, and white paper (top of the funnel content) to testimonials and demo videos (bottom of the funnel content), post everything. 

Furthermore, include images, videos, memes, etc., in your content to make it more visually appealing, engaging, and up-to-the-minute. 

Post at the right time 

You might see no harm in posting your content at any hour of the day, but there are some technicalities involved. 

Frequency and posting time also impact how your content is received by the audience. While it may not be possible to keep up with the different schedules of your audience, determining the best time to post your content is necessary. 

Generally, posting content from 10 am to 3 pm on weekdays is considered ideal; some research and understanding about the surfing pattern of your audience will help you find the best time for your posts. Although there are tools to help you, trusting a professional would be better. 

The bottom line 

B2B social media does not operate like B2C social media. Hence, you need to be extra vigilant with everything. However, once you understand it, it helps you meet your overall business goals in no time. So, reach out to a B2B marketing strategy consultant and create an effective strategy. We hope these tips help you.

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