10 Best Unblocked Music Sites of 2022 | 4 Extra Methods

Do you spend most of your time in schools, colleges, and even companies? If yes, then we should know about music unblocked sites. Because you probably know that the access to entertainment sites are restricted in these regions. Sometimes, you may be under stress in your college, office or company. So, how would you entertain yourself in those busy regions?unblocked music sites

This is where we come to provide you a list of some of the best unblocked music sites at school of 2022 which can be used to listen to music on these busy places.

Best Music Unblocked Sites of 2022

All these sites are not even so popular that they could be blocked by your institute. Therefore, here is the list of some unblocked music sites at school which you can use to hang out with your favorite tracks:

1. SoundCloud


SoundCloud is another best music unblocked site of 2022 which you can use to find and listen to your favorite music tracks. It contains a large library of music tracks and available for almost every device user.

It includes a couple of filters which help you to find the music you want with lots of social aspects. Similar to the PureVolume, it also contains a couple of social features which allows you to share music and connect with your friends on SoundCloud. All the features are quite simple and easy to use that even a beginner can access this platform without any hassles.

2. Slacker Radio

Slacker is the another popular and well know unblocked music sites at school 2018. It is available for almost every device including Android, iOS, and Windows. It offers you a lot of different genre and all the tracks are diversified into different categories.Slacker Radio

The interface is quite simple, clean and awesome that you don’t need to be tech-savvy to access Slacker. All you have to do is just create an account to have access to the vast library of music tracks.

3. Playlist Sound

The Playlist Sound is another best-unblocked music site of 2022 that is primarily focused on satisfying the music needs of their users. With over thousands of tracks, music albums and artists, the platform offers you a great browsing and user experience.Playlist Sound

The best part is that it’s completely free to use and you can access it through any device. Unlike most of the top unblocked music sites, it contains some kinds of shitty ads which may disturb you while listening to your favorite music tracks.

4. Hulk Share

Hulk Share is one of the best music unblocked sites of 2022 which you can use to discover talent from all over the world. It has a wide range of music tracks which are diversified into different genre and subgenre.Hulk Share

These genre and subgenre allow you to find and listen to your favorite music tracks. It also contains a lot of premium features which can be accessed for free. You can also share and discuss your favorite music tracks in groups with other users available on Hulk Share.

5. PureVolume

PureVolume is one of the best websites of 2022 which contains a huge library of tracks for every genre. You can use this platform to listen to your favorite tracks while cooking, driving and even working. Basically, it is a web-based application which can be accessed through any device.

The best thing about this platform is that it mainly focuses on Indie music, but it doesn’t mean you can’t find the other genre music here. Moreover, it also contains a social feature that allows you to connect with other PureVolume users and listen to their playlists.

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6. Grooveshark

Grooveshark is a best web based music among college and school students. This allows a huge list of songs to be unmanaged and unlimited access. You can stream music on this website for free. You can easily download the music in audio form. You can search any music whatever you want to listen on this website such as albums, songs, artists, genre and more. But firstly, you must require to create account for using this free unblocked website.

7. Soundzabound

Soundzabound is one of the popular free unblocked music website. It provides huge list of music for school and college students whatever music they desire. It offers a huge variety of music, theme, audio and sound effects and also perfect for podcast. It allows you to create playlists by keeping all your favourite songs in one place. This website provides audio suitable for PowerPoint presentations, visual media projects, web designing, story-telling. If you think that music files would be liked by other users, then you can upload that music files. It fosters the soundzabound community. Using this platform you will listen to free music unblocked.

8. Livexlive

Livexlive is one of another popular music website that also provide a huge list of music. This is very useful for school students that provides various categories of music. This website offers song, artist, album or genre for free. A website has more than 200 radio stations in which you can listen to your favourite artiste and songs. You can also make your own radio station , just have your favourite stuff in one place.

9. Clearly Drunk

Clearly Drunk is one of the free unblock music site which is quite different from other unblocked music website among school and college students. This website acts as a proxy server which focuses primarily on online streaming websites for video, film and music. It allows users to find new songs, album and tracks easily. It is meant for speedy purpose only. With the help of this website you can access any blocked music website for free. And you can also play and download music from your favourite website.

10. BlueBeat

BlueBeat is a best unblocked music website for school and college students. This website offers you a huge collection of music and these collections are updated from time to time. Users must first create an account to use this website’s features.  On this unblocked music website, you can download the music easily for free. You can create a playlist of songs according to your taste. You can share their favourite music with other users.

4 Ways to Access Unblocked Music Sites at School

1. Access Music Streaming Sites Using Google Translate

Most of the people might think of Google translate as a translation feature made by Google, but what if I say that it can also help you to unblocked music video sites at school?

Yes, you heard it right! You can unblock your favorite music sites using Google Translator feature. Here’s how you can do this:

  • Open your web browser.
  • Then open Google Translator.
  • Now, when you see it, just paste the Music webpage’s URL in the translation box.
  • Hit “Translate and boom.unblock music sites using google translator
  • You’ll get the same link in the translated tab and you can click on it to open the website.
  • This time the website will open quickly without any technical issues.

2. Unlocked Google’s Music Sites

Google is one of the best Search engines available on the internet. It allows you to search for every single thing while sitting at your home. Due to its immense importance, I am pretty sure that it might be accessible in your school.

If Google is accessible, then here’s a piece of good news for you. There are hundreds of music streaming sites built on Google’s subdomains which you can use for music streaming for free.

All you have to do is just search for them and start listening to your favorite music tracks for free.

3. Use Proxy Sites to Listen to Your Favorite Music Tracks

Proxy sites are the platforms which allow you to unblock sites which aren’t accessible in a particular area. Using these platforms, you can listen to your favorite music tracks without even getting caught.

There are hundreds of proxy sites available on the internet, but not all of them are worth considering. We recommend you to use only the popular ones because some of the sites store visitors data. By using popular proxy platforms, you’ll be on a safer side.

4. Unblock Music Sites Using a VPN

A VPN is another best source which you can use to access blocked music sites. These tools change your location and allow you to use any Geo-restricted website without any technical issues.

There are hundreds of free as well as paid VPNs available on the internet. You can choose either to use a free or paid ones, but we highly recommend you to use a paid one because it will provide you better speed and security than a free one. If you want free then you can use Hola VPN.

Some of the most trusted Paid VPNs are NordVPN, IPVanish, CyberGhost, PureVPN, and ExpressVPN.

Final Words

That’s it! Above are the best music unblocked sites which you can use to listen to your favorite music tracks while working. I hope you found something helpful in this post.

If you liked this post, then share it with your friends, family, and relatives. Also, if you have any suggestions or better platforms which can be added to our list, then let me know in the comment section below.

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