How to Turn Your Handwriting Into a Font

Hey friends, we bring you the most effective method to Turn Your Handwriting Into a Font. In this method, we will use MyScriptFont or My script Font to turn your handwriting into a font. This method includes three steps guide to convert handwriting into a font. If you were searching for the best guide to turn your handwriting into a font, then this article is the best solution for you. Follow the given instructions.How to Turn Your Handwriting Into a Font

How to Turn Your Handwriting Into a Font

This method is a three-step guide. The first of them is Downloading a Template. The second one is to upload the font. And the third one is about installing the newly created font. We have described every step in detail in the upcoming section of the article.

1. Downloading Template

First of all, you have to download a template from MyScriptFont. Now write all the alphabets and numbers in your created handwriting. You can use only Black Marker. Or alternatively, you can use a dark blue Marker also. Also, make sure that you use a felt pen. Because a ballpoint pen will not work properly.Downloading Template

After writing all the Letters and numbers, scan that template at 150dpi or 300dpi.

You have to scan the template in ‘grayscale’ and in ‘portrait’ orientation as well. Also, the file should be in PNG, JPG, and TIFF format. And the size of the file should be up to 2MB only. And pixels should be maximum of 6000×9000 (pixels).

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2. Uploading the Font

Now its time to upload your newly created font to MyScriptFont website. You have to set a name for your font. And then choose the format for the font. It can be TFF, SVG, or OTF format. After setting the name and choosing the format, Click “Send File”. It will take some time to load the file. Once completed, then you can download it to your PC or laptop.uploading Template

3. Installing the Font

After downloading the font, you need to install it. Here is the installation guide for windows users. Firstly, Open Control Panel. Then search for “Fonts”. You will see the downloaded Font there. Copy it and Paste it into the “Fonts” folder.installing font

So this was the complete instruction Guide to turn your handwriting into a font. It is a fun to make a font of our own. I am sure you will enjoy making fonts. You create your own fonts and even can make a collection of your fonts. And My Script Font will help you in this.

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