The Best 7 Password Managers For 2021

Creating and remembering multiple passwords is not an easy job, especially with so many applications or services on the internet. The easiest solution is to use a password manager application. Below are some of the best password manager applications that you can try.Best-Free-Password-Managers

The password manager application will help you save, create, and enter passwords when you enter an application or website. Just remember one password (for this password manager app) or with biometric verification (fingerprint, face, or eye).

We surely have many accounts on the internet. Starting from accounts for email, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others. Not to mention every account you have on specific sites.

Try to count how many passwords you use each day. Password combinations to open an email, social media, Spotify, marketplace, and much more. If it’s only one or two accounts, maybe you can remember them pretty easily. However, if it has reached more than five, it is likely to be swapped. If you use a password manager, you don’t have to remember everything. Just write it in the application, and you’re good to go.

The more accounts, the more passwords you have to remember. Right? If you are a person who often forgets, then maybe you need a password manager application.

Usually, this application also provides storage for other information, such as credit cards (for online shopping), identity cards, bank accounts, etc. The application will encrypt the data so that it is more secure. It’s a great solution for parents looking for kid debit cards as the child won’t have to remember a complicated password and can start managing their own money when they’re old enough.

Back to the beginning, what is the best password manager app? Of the various applications or services available, several applications are often mentioned.

1. LastPass

LastPass is often considered one of the best password manager apps. This application has free and commercial services. Both offer unlimited username and password storage, create passwords, two-step authentication, and even store data for form fields (name, date of birth, etc.). The app also monitors the strength of passwords and their duplicates.

LastPass provides support for multiple platforms and devices. Both desktop and mobile. Worth mentioning that the free version is quite limited.

2. Dashlane

Dashlane is also often considered one of the best on the market. This password manager application offers unlimited username and password storage, security monitoring, also creating and changing passwords, including other sensitive data.

Dashlane is available for multiple platforms and devices. It also has free and commercial (premium) accounts. Premium accounts offer better features in the form of synchronization between devices, account backups, information sharing, and two-factor authentication.

3. Enpass 

The next one on the list is Enpass. In general, this application is quite the same as the others. Category-wise, this app is somewhat similar to 1 Password, which offers many specific categories.

Enpass offers both free and subscription services (commercial/premium). Free accounts for mobile devices are limited to up to 20 data stores; it’s more than enough to handle a daily basis. However, both free and commercial services support synchronization between devices, which is nice to have.

4. Remember

RememBear is the newest password manager app among the options above, and this app quickly became a favorite. Why? Because the creators of RememBear were previously known as the creators of TunnelBear, a VPN service.

Despite the cute name (and the website, too), RememBear has an “okay” level of security. This application uses 256-bit encryption to protect the stored data (password). Apart from that, RememBear is also available on various platforms. Both Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

As for the VPN, TunnelBear is already nice to use. But if you’re an Apple user, you can check the list of the best VPN providers for MacOs. Chose the one that suits you most, and always consider the features and prices you’re willing to commit.

5. 1Password

1Password is also one of the most popular in the aspect of user-friendliness. It generally has the same services as the others above. Store multiple usernames and passwords with one master password, store other important information, help autofill passwords, etc.

1Password is available for various devices and platforms. Unfortunately, this password manager app doesn’t have a free account offer, so the users are “forced” to have the premium account to have all the enjoyable features.

6. Myki

Myki is also a password manager application that steals the show. One of the things we love the most is that this app stores data locally on your phone and your computer. The app is synchronizing between the two via encrypted metadata.

We also need to mention that support from the developer is thumbs up. Questions or problems that are reported always get good replies and explanations.

7. Bitwarden

Last but not least is Bitwarden, the free password manager you can always depend on. Bitwarden does have a paid version, but the free version is quite enjoyable. For example, access data on all devices, create passwords, 2FA, etc.

The Bitwarden app is available for Windows, Mac, Linux computers, and mobile devices. The browser version includes Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, Vivaldi, Opera, Brave, or Tor browsers. 

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