Distant Learning: Teaching Toddlers with Educational Videos

The global pandemic has become a challenge for everyone. The educational sphere is going through dramatic changes with obligatory conditions and limited opportunities. Still, both teachers and students are finding ways to learn and get engaged no matter what. Distant Learning: Teaching Toddlers with Educational Videos

When it comes to teaching toddlers, additional effort is required to interest young children and keep them concentrated for several minutes even. This is where video learning comes to help teachers and entertain and educate children.

It seems that it is possible to find anything on the Internet, covering ready-made lesson plans, educational platforms with interactive exercises and worksheets, nursing essay writing service, and more. But when it comes to video learning, it is essential not only to find suitable educational material but also to adjust it to your lesson or learning sessions and teach toddlers the right way. 

Stick to Familiar Images

There is no secret that it is difficult to get small children concentrated and interested. So, it is better to learn with the images that are familiar and attractive to them. 

Whether you are picking out a ready-made video or creating a customized one, it is crucial to stick to one and the same character. There are several options you may select from:

  • a hero from cartoon popular amid toddlers;
  • the created character associated with the field of learning;
  • newly-generated appealing character appearing in all the video series;
  • a teacher appearing in exciting images as the main hero of the video.

You can come up with any of your ideas. Mind to make the kind of your video, attractive and age-appropriate. And if you have a familiar linking element for all the consecutive videos, it will be easier to introduce new material and have children comprehend it. 

Time Your Sessions

Adults can stay concentrated on one and the same thing, not more than twenty minutes. When it comes to little kids, the concentration-time will be dramatically shorter. You need to take it into account when creating the video and planning your live or distant lessons

Strive to produce and use short and intensive video materials of between three and five minutes. Too long videos will get kids bored, while too short ones will not convey enough data to get children to learn something. Try different time variations and observe how the kids respond to them, and you will eventually find out the perfect timing. 

Interchange Activities

The same activities will do no good, and toddlers will become unfocused quickly. So it is recommended to interchange activities in the video and session in general.

If talking about video, it may combine a song, material revision, new material introduction, fun time, story, time, and more. Include some elements in one video, others in consecutive ones. Keep at least one linking piece in all videos, like a theme song and main characters. 

The same goes for learning sessions. You need to interchange mental and physical activities every five-seven minutes; otherwise, you will quickly lose the attention of toddlers. 

Use Video Templates

Everyone understands that teachers are not super powerful, have their own private life, and not more than twenty-four hours in a day. Still, both teachers and parents are interested in the top quality of education for their kids, whether face-to-face or distant learning. That is why there are many helpful video resources for teachers. 

If you cannot find a ready-made video suitable for your topic or lesson, there is always a possibility to create your video without much effort. It doesn’t always mean that you have to tailor a video from scratch since there are free templates to help you.

Templates are basic videos with specific themes and characters in them. You can add words, music, songs, pictures, extra characters, visual and sound effects, and so on. You can create an original video within several clicks to suit your learning session and educational purposes perfectly. 

Interact with Both Children and Parents

One more essential factor to guarantee the success of educating toddlers with video lessons is cooperation with parents. If parents are involved in the educational process enough, the kids will learn faster and with better results.

So, before a teacher implements video learning in the educational program, it is essential to convey the significance of video learning to the parents first. Once the parents are interested and involved enough, they will become an example for their toddlers, come up with positive reinforcement and cooperation for their toddlers. This will bring twice more fruitful outcomes than having parents indifferent with the video learning process.

Before video learning is being implemented in the educational program for toddlers, it is significant to create a positive learning environment, find ways to generate high-quality learning material, and exploit suitable teaching methods to inspire toddlers to stay concentrated and become eager to learn. Put some effort and build up your way to get toddlers educated with video learning efficiently. 

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