5 Reasons Why Should You Use the Spotify Web Player?

Long gone are the days when people have to buy CDs in order to listen to their favorite music tracks. Now. it’s era of online music platforms such as Apple Music, Google Music and lots more. Most of the people are aware of these three platforms, but the music service which not many of us know about is Spotify Web Player.5 Reasons Why Should You Use the Spotify Web Player?

Spotify is the world’s best online music player which was launched in the year 2006 and has around 80+ million users across the web. Currently, it’s available in around 50 countries in the world and it’s getting popular day by day. There are various features which make Spotify one of the best online music players in the world. Recently, the Spotify team has been added a new feature known as Spotify web player and that’s what we are going to discuss here.

Why Should You Use the Spotify Web Player?

Spotify web player has many advantages which make the people love this music service more. Let’s find out the reasons why you must opt for Spotify web player.

1. Consumes Less Memory

If you’ve got the Spotify web player installed on your device, then you don’t need to worry about the internal space. It doesn’t matter how much free space you have on your device, it works smoothly without consuming much space of your device.

So, you don’t need to install any additional apps, just open “Play.Spotify.com” and start listening to your favorite music tracks.

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2. Easily Accessible from any Device

5 Reasons Why Should You Use the Spotify Web Player?Here’s the main reason why people love to use the Spotify web player. When you install the Spotify desktop client, you have to stick yourself to the computer in order to listen to music online. But, there’s not any problem with the Spotify web player.

With the Spotify players, you don’t need to stick to a particular place or location. You can listen to your favorite music tracks from anywhere in the world. All you have to do is open the Spotify web player and enjoy your favorite music tracks.

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3. Great User Interface

5 Reasons Why Should You Use the Spotify Web Player?The another one most important reason is the user-friendly and easy to navigate interface. When you’re using the Spotify web player, you don’t need to disturb other tabs in order to navigate to other tracks. Working on the Spotify web player is so easy even a beginner can use this without any issues.

Once you use the Spotify web player, you will get to know why we prefer this player instead of other players available in the market.

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4. You can Sing a Song along with its Lyrics

5 Reasons Why Should You Use the Spotify Web Player?Most of the people love to sing while listening to their favorite tracks and the Spotify web player is taking care of it. When you use to listen to a music track in Spotify web player, the lyrics will pop up on your screen automatically.

To enable the Lyrics feature, you just need to install a little chrome extension “Lyrics here” in order to start singing along with your favorite music tracks.

5. You can Use the Spotify Playlist Links

5 Reasons Why Should You Use the Spotify Web Player?Another great feature of Spotify web player is that it has different links to every song playlist. So, it becomes very easy to share the songs you are listening to with your friends in the chat box.

Or you can use the links to post them on your facebook or twitter wall. When someone will click on that link, then they will be redirected to the song or playlist page on Spotify.

Final Thoughts

Spotify web player is surely one of the best music services available on the internet. I hope this post might help you get rid of the desktop application and you want to use its web player. Just try your hands on it and share your experience with us. We love hearing back from our readers.

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