Some Great Tips for MacBook Owners

Getting a MacBook is usually a great idea because these computers are quite reliable. If you plan to switch from Windows and familiarize yourself with macOS, expect that the process might take a while. Some Great Tips for MacBook Owners

While the UI and other elements of a Mac are quite intuitive, you will need some time to get used to a new environment. Thankfully, the learning curve is not too steep. You can even focus on learning certain things right off the bat. 

This article will provide future MacBook owners with some great tips that will help with mastering the device.

Understand What Putting Mac to Sleep Means

Since so many people put their MacBooks to sleep, they do not consider what doing so actually means. There are three different modes—Safe Sleep, Hibernation, and Sleep. All three have pros and cons, and knowing what the different modes do can help extend the battery’s lifespan and the overall computer condition.

Keep the Operating System Updated

As a rule of thumb, your Mac should run the latest macOS version. These updates are not that frequent, but whenever a new update becomes available, do not hesitate and download it.

MacBook users are eagerly waiting for the Monterey update. You can already install macos monterey beta version and check the available features. Public testing should finish in a couple of months, and Monterey will likely become available early in fall this year.

The need to update macOS is there because running the latest OS version provides users with new features, performance improvements, and security upgrades.

Optimize Battery Usage

Some Great Tips for MacBook Owners

A new MacBook should not have issues with its battery lifespan. However, after a while, you will notice that it takes longer to charge the battery. Moreover, if you are not careful with background processes, the battery will last even less.

Reset SMC

Resetting SMC (The System Management Controller) is a thing to keep in mind if you encounter various problems with the device. The SMC is an integrated hardware piece that frees the MacBook’s processor from redundant hardware functions.

Here is a list of potential problems that you can solve by resetting the SMC:

  • Erratic sleep mode
  • No response after opening or closing the MacBook’s lid
  • No reaction to pressing the power button
  • Sluggish overall performance
  • Excessive battery charging
  • USB port and Bluetooth problems
  • Bouncing Dock icons

Upgrade Memory

Hardware upgrades are a bit tricky when it comes to MacBooks. Since Apple engineers manufacture the devices in a way that most hardware is integrated, adding something new or replacing an old piece of hardware with a new piece is a challenge. After all, not MacBook models are compatible with such changes.

Nevertheless, if you have money to invest, and your Mac model is compatible, you should consider adding extra memory. RAM is relatively cheap, and you can even wait for a holiday season or another occasion when computer hardware goes on sale. Doing so would allow you to save some money.

Memorize Keyboard Shortcuts

There are quite a few valuable keyboard shortcuts you should memorize on a MacBook. If you have been using Windows for a long time before getting a Mac, you will need a bit of time to readjust yourself to macOS and its keyboard shortcuts.

For example, if you want to take a screenshot, you will not find a print screen key on the keyboard. No, you have to click Shift + Command + 3 or Shift + Command + 4. 

Clean Dust Inside

The dust that the MacBook collects over time can get out of hand. As a rule of thumb, you should clean the dust regularly before they cause problems to the hardware. Even small amounts can clog the internal fans and lead to overheating. 

Not everyone has the confidence to take the MacBook apart to clean it thoroughly. The biggest problem is the dust inside, and you will have to open the laptop to get all the filth out of it. In case you are reluctant to do the work yourself, ask someone with experience to do the task for you. 

Free Up Disk Space

Some Great Tips for MacBook OwnersAnother thing that MacBook owners might run into is the lack of free disk storage. The total available space is not that much, especially if you purchase a cheaper model. 

Having little disk storage to work with might lead to having only a few gigabytes of free space, and it will result in poor computer performance.

Try to make sure that the MacBook’s free storage is at least 10 to 15 percent of the total available disk space. If you are struggling, get in the habit of regularly removing temporary junk, such as app extensions and system backups.

Transferring data to iCloud and external devices like hard drives or USB flash drives should help with the storage problem as well.

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