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Hello, Guys Welcome back again on ViralHax. Today we will share ShrtFly Genuine Review which will help you to Choose the best URL Shortener Website. Guys ShrtFly Launched on Sep 2017 They Claim they are the Best Link Shortener Who pays more on 1000/8.5$ Views either then Other Websites like or URL Shortener 2019 | ShrtFly Genuine Review

Checkout Publisher Payout Prices in every Country.

My Experiences With ShrtFly

As You can see ShrtFly Pays 8.5$ on 1000 Views from Norway country and 7$ from USA country. So I though Should I try ShrtFly on my blog?

At the End of Sep, I join ShrtFly and Place some Short Links on My website and Give traffic from the USA Because My 60%+ Traffic is from Rich Countries like USA, UK or Canada.

On the 1st day I gave 1000+ Traffic to ShrtFly links, and after that I check My earning on ShrtFly Dashboard, and I was shocked there are 6.5$ on my account with 1000 Views which is very higher for Me. I thought What they Will pay me the Earning or not? So after that, I Request them for Withdrawal 6.5$, and they send me my whole earning on the Next Day. My experiences were Awesome with ShrtFly. I think everyone should give a chance to New websites may be they are best either then Old Websites.

After my 1st payment, I always try to short links by ShrtFly, So I put ShrtFly Full site Script on my theme’s Header Section that Script automatically Convert my Long links into short Links which is very good and time-saving Method.

Payment Proof:

Now I make More than $500/month from ShrtFly Without Any Problem they always paid on time.Best URL Shortener 2019 | ShrtFly Genuine Review

If you have Rich Country Traffic like Mine, then You Should Try ShrtFly – Smart Link Shortener Which will help you to earn More money from Your Outbound Links.

Some of the Best Features I like on ShrtFly

  • Bulk Link Shortener I can short more then 20links at a time.
  • 1$ Minimum payout using PayPal.
  • Full Site Script with Advance features.
  • Publisher and Advertisers Money Wallet, using my Publisher Money I also can Promote my Website too.
  • Quick link Features who save your more time using API.
  • 30% Referral Commission for Lifetime.
  • Easy to create short links and manage.

If you want to advertise with ShrtFly, then contact them their Minimum Advertising Amount is also 1$.

ShrtFly has an awesome Support team they will solve any problem within Hours. When I create my account I thought to test links, then I create a Dummy Short link and View that link 2-3 times after that I check my Dashboard, and I got 0 Views are shows there. Then I contact them about this problem, and they Said “Please Don’t use the Same IP Address assign with your Account Creation to Test Links. If you want to test links, then use another IP address because our System Does not count Invalid Clicks and Views.” After that, I change my Ip address and again view that link now View counted successfully that’s mean there is no view counting issue with it they try to count only Real Genuine Views or Traffic.

If you are a Genuine person and try to makes money by Genuine ways then you can try ShrtFly I’m sure you will generate a good amount of money using this website. But, if you think you will send Fake Traffic by using bots and VPNs then, don’t try it they will block your account as they Mentions on there Terms and Conditions Page.

ShrtFly only counts Genuine and Organic Views that’s why their Payout Rates are very High also there mission is to give Genuine Traffic to there Advertisers so they can make a Strong Relationship with Everyone.Best URL Shortener 2019 | ShrtFly Genuine Review

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So that’s it for this ShrtFly Review if you have any other query let me know in the Comment Section.


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