How to Schedule Whatsapp Message in Android & iPhone

Hello guys welcome to this amazing article, nowadays many of peoples using whatsapp, so they also need whatsapp tricks, in this article we are going to describe a amazing trick which can allow you to schedule whatsapp message, you can use this trick in your android device and you can also use in iPhone, so not matter which OS are you using, because nowadays whatsapp chat messenger application is available for android, iphone, windows operating systems, often you need to wish birthday to your best friend on 11:59PM. But you forgot it, and your friend angry on you. So in this case you can use Whatsapp Message Scheduler App, which can setup your message sending according to your requirement.

Schedule Whatsapp Message

Guys now you can send message to your friend in anytime, means if you need to send an attachment on 2PM, but you will doing any other work in that time, so this application can help you to do this thing, if you want to use 2 whatsapp account in your 1 android device then you can read this article to Use Dual Whatsapp in Single Android Device, or you can directly install GB Whatsapp in your android for do this thing. if you find for another trick about whatsapp! then you can find your tricks in our website whatsapp tricks section. We provide you only working methods, so now we are going to share the schedule whatsapp messages trick.
whatsapp message scheduleYou can not schedule your messages in facebook, twitter, hike, we chat and other chat applications, because currently they apps or websites not added this amazing feature in their social networks. But nowadays you can possible many things with some applications, in this article we also have a great app, which can schedule whatsapp messages according to your time or date, but it comes with a condition, if you want to send a message by schedule, then your phone’s must be connected to the internet. If your Internet or Wifi not connected in the time of message scheduling, then the app not send your message.

Whatsapp Messages Scheduler

Scheduling the whatsapp messages is most popular thing nowadays, because it give you a great power to send messages to your friend in any time, means when you not able to access your phone then the app automatic send your message to your selected contact, so it is very popular thing nowadays, and most of users ask about Whatsapp Messages Scheduler in my old posts comments, so now we found the amazing application to do this impossible thing, but you guys are thinking about of the application is official or not? so i will describe about the issue in next paragraph below, if you also have any question about this application? then you need to read all paragraphs of this article.

Whatsapp Scheduler is Official or Not ?

After reading above paragraphs you guys are thinking about of the application is official or not? so now we are going to describe this application in details, this things are not possible with any official apk, so most of programmers and android or iphone developers make some mod apk for do many different things, which things are not possible with official apps, so i think you can understand about the mod apps, if you also want to mod or hack any android app? then you can read this article and do this thing by using your android How to Hack and Crack Any Android App or Game

Why you need to schedule whatsapp messages (Important or Not)

Guys i hope you thing about this application importance, so i will need to describe the application importance in few words in this paragraph, sometimes you need to send a very important message to your girlfriend ๐Ÿ˜› , But if you forgot it, then she breakup with you ๐Ÿ˜› , I hope you understand the example, so if you also need to send some important messages or wishes! then you can use the amazing application.

Whatsapp Message Scheduler Application

Guy this app is available for android devices and iphone devices also, so not matter which device you are using in this time, because most of users have android device and some of have iPhone, so you can use this amazing application in your both devices, i hope you understand about the topic. So now time to share download link of Whatsapp Message Scheduler Application, and we also provide you installation process in this small tutorial, which can helps you to download and install the application in your android and iPhone devices.

Features of The App

  • You don’t need to add numbers in this application, because it show your whatsapp contacts, so you can select any contact and send schedule message to that contact.
  • You can send message to multi numbers in same time, means you can send good morning message to your all friends in 2AM, then they all are think you are not sleeping. So you can make fool them by using it.
  • If your internet connection is properly working, then you no need to worries about message sending, because it send your message automatic if internet / wifi connection is work properly. So don’t thing about this issue.
  • This app send you a notification, when message send successful, so you get your all schedule messages updates via notification.
  • It use very low storage of your android device, and your device run normally also after install that application, some users have low storage android devices so you need to learn Best Ways to Make Android Run Faster

How to Schedule Whatsapp Messages in Android

guys here are available tricks for android and iPhone both users, but first we are going to share for android users. You can follow below given steps to schedule your whatsapp messages in your android mobile. If you have iPhone device! then you can read our second method which is for iPhone users, i will describe the app deeply, because we are trying to help our visitors.

Step 1. First of all, you need to root your android mobile, because it is rooted application so you need to root your android mobile first, you can see many post in google about android rooting.

Step 2. Now download the app from below given button/ link.

Whatsapp Scheduler
Step 3. When you open the application first time, then it will ask for root / superuser permission, so you need to click on grant/ allow button to give the root permission.

Step 4. After complete downloading and installing, you need to open the application, and if you want to set schedule? then follow below steps.

Step 5. You need to click on pencil icon on top right corner in this application.

Step 6. There you will get all settings like date, time etc. you need to set the settings according to your requirement.

Step 7. Now you will see Add button in bottom of the application, simply click on the button, and now you can select or enter you text data, which you want to schedule.
whatsapp scheduler

Step 8. You want to confirm about your adding? don’t worry you can simply click on pending option, then you can see all your pending requests.

Step 9. When your schedule message send successfully, they you will get a notification for confirmation.

Step 10. If your internet connection is properly working, then you don’t need to worries about this not working issue.

This was the method for android device users, nowwe are going to share for iPhone users.

How to Schedule Whatsapp Messages in iPhone

Guys if you have an android device then you can check above given method, because lots of users use android operating system, but some of use iPhone, so now we are going to share for iPhone users.

Step 1. If you are a iPhone user then you need to buy message scheduler, it cost is $0.99, most of iPhone application are paid so this application is also paid for iPhone users.

Step 2. Now open the application and select the contact which you want to send schedule message.
whatsapp scheduler 1Step 3. Now you will see Send button, simply hold on it, then you will see options to set date or time.

Step 4. Then you need to set date or time according to your requirement.
whatsapp scheduler 2
Step 5. Now you don’t need to do anything, if your internet connection is properly work, then the application send your message, and you will get a notification ๐Ÿ˜€ .

Final Words

So guys this was the tutorial for schedule whatsapp messages, i hope you liked this tutorial, and if you want more tutorial then you can visit on our website Homepage, if you facing any type of problem and issue while using above given method, and if you have any question about the tutorial ! then you can ask your question’s answers and your problem’s solution in comment section, i will reply you shortly, thanks for visit.

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