Roku Stick Vs Fire Stick Alexa 2019

Hello Readers, today we bring you the best comparison of Roku vs Amazon Fire Stick. If you love to watch TV like me and wanted the best Streaming stick for you, then this article is best for you. You are on the right page. Here in this article, “Roku vs Alexa Fire Stick” you will get to know about different comparison and features of Firestick vs Roku. That will help you to choose the best streaming stick for you. Therefore, go through the article and choose the best for you.Roku Stick Vs Fire Stick Alexa 2019

Roku Stick Vs Amazon Fire Stick Alexa


When it comes to speed, Roku is the fastest stick on the market. Whereas in the case of Amazon Fire Stick, you will be not able to use some of the provided apps due to its slow performance.


Roku Stick Vs Fire Stick Alexa 2019Both Fire Stick and Roku have cursor controls. Roku adds hotkeys to popular streaming apps for easy and quick access. Whereas Amazon Firestick can control TV volume and power options as it has dedicated streaming service buttons. In simple words, Streaming Stick+ can auto-detects the TV’s IR sensor. And can handle the power and volume buttons.

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According to my research, Roku contains all the popular and important channels. Whereas in Amazon firestick I did not find some of the channels like Vudu and YouTube TV and that’s made me a little disappointed.


Roku Stick Vs Fire Stick Alexa 2019You will find Amazon Firestick easy to plug into most televisions. But a potential limitation is that it can put stress on some HDMI ports because of its weight. Here Roku wins because The Roku is more compact and light-weight stick. You might face difficulty while fitting into some HDMI ports, because of its 3.75-inch length. The additional advantage of Roku is that it has 801.11AC dual-band antenna present in the power cable. Its external antenna can pull stronger Wi-Fi signal in tough signal reception spots even when you are far away from the router.

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User experience

Roku is being used for several years, as it has a user-friendly UI. It is easy to use. People are using it for a long time. On the other hand, Amazon Firestick is a polished version of the technology with great graphics and amazing quality of apps. But Roku has better search results than Amazon Firestick. Additionally, Roku includes Roku mobile app which is wonderful in itself. This app can work as a second remote. It can be used for private listening also through phone, earphones or loud out with Bluetooth speakers.


While using the Roku streaming stick, you have to use your remote to search for TV and movies. But in Firestick, you can command your Echo devices to play any content, as you can control it with your echo device. But you can enjoy this feature only when you have an echo device. In Contrast with that, Roku doesn’t allow voice control, but it can facilitate the voice search command.

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Picture and sound

When we come to video and audio quality, both are somewhere the same. As both of them support 4K HDR content with HDR10. They do not support Dolby Vision HDR. And both Roku and Firestick support Dolby Atmos audio.

Therefore according to me, after looking at all the advantages and limitations of both streaming sticks, Roku is the winner. Overall Roku has better and more qualities than Firestick.

Final Words

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