Roku is a digital media player brand providing access to a large number of TV channels. Also, it provides a good number of videos that you can watch on demand. The channels on Roku are of two types. The first type is the Private Roku channels. The content and variety of the Roku Private channels are amazing and really entertaining. This article here enlists some of the best Roku Private channels.

Some of The Best Roku Private Channels

You can select the channels of your choice for downloading, after reading this article. The other types of channels are available on the Roku device itself. These channels are available in the ‘Streaming Channels’ library.

Adding Roku Private Channels

First of all, you need to set up a Roku account on the website of Roku. There are no charges for setting up this account. Then you can add a Roku Private channel to your account. For adding the Roku Private channel you have to know the code of that channel. We have given the codes of the Private Roku channels that are enlisted in the article. You just go to ‘Add a Channel’ Enter the code of the channel and accept on-screen confirmation and that is all.

But you should not waste your time and effort in downloading the channels that are not worth it. So, we give a list of some Roku Private channels that are good enough and that you should add to your Roku account.

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1. iTunes Podcasts (ITPC)

This is a music channel. This gives you an access to all the music of the iTunes Podcast Directory. You can browse the directory and add the music to your Roku. This channel has some amazing features including playback recall, multiple search filters, and favorites. You can listen to the music that you add to your Roku and enjoy it anytime.

2. Nowhere TV (H9DWC)

This is one of the most popular Private Roku channels which has been running since 2010. Maximum people have subscribed to this Private Roku channel. Its popularity is because it features a lot of channels from around the world which are free-to-air. These channels mostly include government channels, politics channels,  Fox channels, news channels etc. Some of the channels included in this Private Roku channel are NBC, C-SPAN, CBS etc. It also features live TV channels.

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3. Television Shopping (TVS)

This is a teleshopping channel. There are some really good looking telesales persons who sell some of the best products at some really amazing prices. You can either buy products from the sellers or just enjoy watching the selling shows.

4. FilmOn (NMEVA)

This is a wonderful service of aproximatly90,000  on-demand videos and some 600 and more channels from across the world. This channel is internet-based and provides a wide range of UK TV channels. These are movie channels. You can watch the videos either when they are telecasted or can record the videos of one hour and then watch latter whenever you want.

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5. Dr. Bill Bailey Netcasts (DrBillTV)

This channel is for techno-savvy people. A funny person named Dr. Bill Bailey guides the audience regarding technical things e.g computers, internet etc.  You get knowledge about the technicalities and also enjoy his jokes and punch lines.


I hope you liked our today’s article. Here we provided 5 best Roku Private channels, which are amazing and really entertaining. I am sure it will work for you. And if you find any difficulty then let us know it the comment section. We will try to help you. Keep visiting here for more techy articles.


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