How to Install Quicktime For Windows 10?

Are you looking to download QuickTime for Windows 10, but don’t know how to do that? If yes, then you are on the right page. However, the Apple has made the QuickTime only for the Windows Vista and Windows XP. But, we have tested the software on Windows 10 and found that it’s working. So, without wasting any more time, let’s understand how you can install QuickTime on your Windows 10 computer.How to Install Quicktime For Windows 10?

What is QuickTime for Windows 10?

QuickTime is a premium player which supports a lot of video formats and widely used to stream videos on Apple devices. It was developed and marketed by the Apple team and it allows the users to view any video or video related content on their iOS devices.

The QuickTime for Windows 10 is a narrower term that has gained a lot of demand in the media industry. Windows users are also looking to use the QuickTime software on their Windows 10 computers.

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How to Install QuickTime For Windows 10?

The process is quite simple and doesn’t take more than 10-15 minutes. Here are the exact steps which you need to follow to download and install QuickTime on your computer:

  • Click here to visit the QuickTime for Windows 10 download page.
  • Once you are there, click on the Download Now button.How to Install Quicktime For Windows 10?
  • After that, click on the downloaded file and then a pop-up will appear on your screen.
  • In that pop-up, click on “Next”.How to Install Quicktime For Windows 10?
  • And then Select the Yes option.How to Install Quicktime For Windows 10?
  • After that, choose “Typical” as setup type and click on the “Next” button.How to Install Quicktime For Windows 10?
  • On the next screen, select the destination folder and click on the Install button.How to Install Quicktime For Windows 10?
  • Once the installation process is completed, select “Finish” and it’s done.
  • Now, you are ready to use the QuickTime. Here’s the link to Apple Movie Trailers website where you can use this software.

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That’s it! These are the steps which you can follow to download and install Quicktime on your Windows 10 computer. I hope this guide helped you to get what you were looking for. If you found this helpful, then share it with others who are looking for the same. Also, if you have any questions to ask, then let me know in the comment section below so that I can help you out.

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