Download Psiphon 3 for Windows PC | Latest Updated

Most of the users want to download Psiphon 3 for PC because it is a powerful VPN tunneling solution which was first introduced to the Android platform. Psiphon3 lets you use the internet anonymously beyond the reasonable limits for free. It became so popular with the time that people started to find ways to download Psiphon for PC.psiphon for pc, psiphon 3 for pc

It has heard people voice and finally introduced Psiphon 3 for PC. Now you can use Psiphon 3 on windows 7/8/8.1 and 10. If you’re using older versions of Windows XP or Vista, then don’t worry it will work just fine.

Download Psiphon 3 for Windows PC

Previously there was no dedicated app to use Psiphon for PC. So people had to download Psiphon 3 alternatives and start using them, which didn’t work most of the time. So its good news that Psiphon 3 is available as a separate VPN software.

Download Psiphon 3

Version Info of Psiphon3

App NamePsiphon 3
File NamePsiphon3.exe
File Size4.74 MB
Supported OSWindows (All Versions)
Supported LanguagesAlmost All Languages
DeveloperPsiphon Inc.
Last Updated21-11-2017

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Below we will be discussing on how to install and setup Psiphon 3 on PC to establish a secure connection. So read up to the end.

How to install Psiphon 3 on PC

This is where most of the people make mistakes, as Psiphon is standalone software. That means you don’t have to install it, just run it like any other file – by double-clicking on it!

Note:- Do not download Psiphon 3 from other sources, because some of the other site owners uploaded malware. So make sure your Psiphon3.exe is a valid download and not infected with any malware.

If you have done that, then follow the below-given step by step guide.

  1. Right click on “psiphon3.exe” and choose properties.
  2. Go to the “Digital Signatures” tab and click the “Details” button at the bottom.Download Psiphon 3 for Windows PC | Latest Updated
  3. Click on”View Certificate” and note down the “valid from yyyy-mm-dd to yyyy-mm-dd” data.Download Psiphon 3 for Windows PC | Latest Updated
  4. Now click on”Details tab” and match the “thumbprint” key with below data.Download Psiphon 3 for Windows PC | Latest Updated

For the certificate valid for the period 2017-07-05 to 2020-10-03 the SHA1 thumbprint is:

89 fd cd 09 65 f4 dd 89 2b 25 7c 04 d5 b4 14 c7 ac 2b 5f 56

For the certificate valid for the period 2014-05-08 to 2017-09-06 the SHA1 thumbprint is:

9b a0 bd 1c e4 ca f6 20 41 0d 46 47 ae 40 b0 7c 83 c7 31 99

For the certificate valid for the period 2012-05-21 to 2014-07-30 the SHA1 thumbprint is:

84 c5 13 5b 13 d1 53 96 7e 88 c9 13 86 0e 83 ee ef 48 8e 91

For the certificate valid for the period 2011-06-16 to 2012-06-21 the SHA1 thumbprint is:

8f b7 ef bd 20 a9 20 3a 38 37 08 a2 1e 0a 1d 2e ad 7b ee 6d

(( Reference : ))

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How to set Up Psiphon 3 for the secure Vpn connection

  1. Double click on “Psiphon3.exe“.
  2. Click on “Connect“.Download Psiphon 3 for Windows PC | Latest Updated

Note: Psiphon 3 automatically connects you though fastest VPN server. But in case you want a specific country, you can choose it from the drop-down menu just below “connect” button.

Alternate Method to use Psiphon for PC

This is the method people used before Psiphon for pc was introduced. Where you need to download Psiphon for PC. But in this method, you don’t have to download Psiphon3 for windows, simply you have to install an Android emulator and run the Psiphon app in it.

It’s not the best way as it will only tunnel the emulator through the VPN tunnel. But that was the only way before it made an official software for PC.

However, we will give a short guide in case you’re interested:

  1. Download any android emulator and install it on your PC.
  2. Download Psiphon app from play store within the emulator environment.
  3. Open Psippon3 app and press on “connect” That’s it.Download Psiphon 3 for Windows PC | Latest Updated

Why Psiphon when there is a lot of VPN software available?

Psiphon, unlike other VPN solution, is an open source and free to use VPN software. It uses an SSH connection with the addition of an obfuscation layer on top of the SSH handshake to defend against protocol fingerprinting. In normal mode, it uses local HTTP and SOCKS proxies to tunnel your web traffic.

Psiphon uses the L2TP/IPsec VPN protocol which is the most secure way to connect and protects you from any online fraud or scam. Psiphon takes user privacy seriously and does not sell or share your data with third-party companies.

Wrapping Up

We came to the end of this article. We hope you download Psiphon 3 for PC. If you will face any error while installing and using the software. Then comment down below your questions and queries. I will reply shortly.

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