Top 10 Hidden Android Features 2019


Hello guys, today in this article i am going to show you top 10 android hidden features which are impressive. Nowadays lot’s of users using the Android smartphone. So they also want to know more things about their mobile. In an Android smartphone, many of things are normal. But some the other features also available …

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8 Best PC Games 2019 Edition


For more than a decade, PC gaming is seen as a great alternative to any gaming console. While PC has its benefits for being more powerful and efficient in processing game graphics, the market is dropping new game title now and then. With almost countless games getting published nowadays, its hard to pick up the …

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30+ Best Rooted Apps For Android in 2021 {Updated List}

There are plenty of apps available for downloads but you must have noticed that not all app downloads are supported by your android system. Here is why this happens. There are certain limitations that carriers and hardware manufacturers fix in your devices that limit you from downloading an application apart from their coded list. Top …

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6 Best Camera Apps For Android in 2021


Many mobile phone companies are putting their best efforts to deliver the best quality camera to their users. Hardware now cameras are capable of taking low light images, removing motion blur and manual adjustments. All these features required the support of equivalent, excellent software functioning. Take the example of portrait mode; the hardware was built …

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5 Best Free Antivirus For Android 2021


Android is one of the best and famous mobile-oriented operating systems by far. But in spite of that hackers and malware scripters will always find a way to enter inside your phone and potentially steal valuable data. These attacks of mobile malware and virus are increasing day by day with the enhancements of android. So to …

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