Where is My Outlook PST File Location

Our today topic is about Outlook PST File Location. Another great application of Microsoft Office Suite is the Outlook. The application became very popular among the Microsoft users and was able to attract enough attention around the globe. Outlook is simply another application that helps you to store e-mails present in your different e-mail accounts. The e-mails present in your different e-mail accounts gets stored in different personal storage table files which are known as PST files.Where is My Outlook PST File Location

Find Outlook PST File Location

The Outlook application has been performing tremendously well after extending their services to different e-mail service providers such as Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, etc. While the app is being extensively used by the business world, it has also managed to find its way so that it could be used for personal purpose by common people. Every application comes with its own unique terminology. Likewise, PST files is a term closely related to Outlook. The Internet is flooding with queries such as “Outlook PST file location”, “Where is Outlook PST file?” and “PST file” nowadays. Well, we already discussed the PST file and therefore we will be discussing more about the Outlook PST file location in this article.

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The answer to the question where is Outlook PST file is quite simple. The PST files get stored on the system on which you have been using Outlook. If you have ever observed the Outlook data folder on the system, you must have noticed a few files with .pst extension and that’s where your Outlook PST file location is.

Steps to FInd Outlook PST File Location

  1. If you have been using Outlook 2010, 2013 or 2016, click on the “File” option and select “Account Settings” from the dropdown list.
    Note:- In case you are using Outlook 2007, “Account Settings” option is present in the dropdown list. that appears on the screen after clicking on the “Tools” menu.Where is My Outlook PST File Location
  2. After selecting the “Accounts Settings”, a new window will appear on the screen. On the new window, switch to the “Data Files” tab and select the e-mail account for which the PST files are available. To determine the location of the PST files of some specific e-mail account, select the concerned e-mail account accordingly from the list being displayed on the screen.
  3. This step consists of clicking on the “Open File Location” button.Where is My Outlook PST File Location
  4. Outlook will take you to the File Explorer, showing you the folder consisting the PST files.Where is My Outlook PST File Location

That’s how we determine the location of an Outlook PST file. Please follow the instructions carefully to make sure that you do not lose any of your precious data.

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