How to Fix the Outlook Data File Cannot Be Accessed Error?

When you send or receive emails on your Outlook account, you might have seen the “Outlook file cannot be accessed” error. In most cases, people have seen this error whenever they use their outlook account on Windows 10 or 8 version.fix Outlook Data File Cannot Be Accessed

In some cases, you may find this message irritating as it doesn’t even allow you to send or receive emails on your outlook account. If you are facing this error repeatedly and want to get rid of it, then check out our entire post to fix the outlook data file cannot be accessed in a simple and effortless way.

What Reasons Causes the OST 0x8004010f Error?

There may be hundreds of reasons which causes the OST 0x8004010f error, but we are going to share some common ones as follows:

  • OST File Corruption
  • A wrong configuration in Outlook account
  • OST File location change in the Outlook account
  • Copying the old OST file in the new Outlook version.

How Can You Get Rid of the OST 0x8004010f Error?

No matter, what reasons have caused the 0x8004010f error to occur, we have a solution for each and every issue. Here’s a method which can help you to get rid of this issue in a simple and effortless way.

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A. Setup a New Outlook Profile and Fix the Error

1. Locate the Current Outlook Profile

  • Turn on your Windows device.
  • Press both the Windows & R keys altogether.
  • This will open the Run Box on your device.
  • Search for Control Panel using the Run Box.
  • When it opens, click on the Mail option.
  • This will open the Mail setup menu.
  • Select your profile and then click on the Properties button.
  • This will again open the Mail Setup menu on your screen.
  • Choose the Data Files option.
  • Note down the current location of the Outlook profile.
  • Close the Mail setup menu.

2. Create a New Outlook Profile

  • Open control panel on your Windows device.
  • Click on the Mail option from the available options.
  • Choose your current Outlook profile and select Add New option.
  • Enter your email and password and then click on the Add button.
  • This may take a few seconds.
  • When it’s done, click on the Finish button.

3. Set the New Profile as Default

  • Open control panel on your device.
  • Select the Mail option from the available options.
  • This will open the Mail setup menu.
  • Enable the Always Use this Profile option.
  • Now, select your current Outlook profile.
  • Press the Ok button.

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B. If Setting Up a New Profile isn’t Possible

If setting up a new profile isn’t possible, then we also have a solution for you. In such a case, you can follow the steps given below to fix the 0x8004010f error:

  • Open the Mail setup menu.
  • Select Account Settings and then press the Change Folder button.
  • Now, press the +Sign option.
  • Choose inbox and create a new folder.
  • Name the folder and click enter.
  • Choose the New Folder and Click Ok.
  • This will change the default location of your Outlook account.
  • Now, click on the Change Folder option again.
  • Choose Inbox option and then Press OK.
  • Exit the Mail Setup options.

Final Words

That’s it! These were the methods which you can use to fix the Outlook file cannot be accessed error. I hope you found this guide useful. If you found it useful, then share it with others who are still facing the same issues. Also, if you have any queries, then feel free to ask us in the comment section below.

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