OneDrive Vs DropBox | Cloud Storage Comparison

Onedrive and Dropbox, both the platforms offer excellent and great service when it comes to storage for business enterprises. The choice of a better storage platform will result in more productivity, information accessibility, and great user experience. That’s the reason why choosing an excellent and better storage platform is better. In this Onedrive vs Dropbox Cloud Storage Comparison battle, we are going to compare the features and capabilities of both the services which will help you to choose the better option for you.OneDrive Vs DropBox | Cloud Storage Comparison

OneDrive vs Dropbox | Cloud Storage Comparison

1. Onedrive vs Dropbox: Pricing

Dropbox provides the users a free account with storage up to 2 GB, whereas the Onedrive comes with a free storage of 5 GB. Onedrive doesn’t have any referral plan for their users, whereas the Dropbox reward their users with 1 GB free space everytime they refer someone to their platform. Dropbox has three plans which will cost you 9.99$, 19.99$, 15$ per month respectively. On the other hand, Onedrive is quite affordable plans than Dropbox. The plans start from 1.99$, 6.99$, 9.99$ per month respectively.

Winner: Onedrive

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2. Dropbox vs Onedrive: Sync

OneDrive Vs DropBox | Cloud Storage ComparisonBoth the platforms keep your files and data updated, but still, the speed of both the services is quite different from each other. Dropbox lets you sync files on the platforms where it is installed, whereas the Onedrive comes pre-installed in Windows. Dropbox supports almost every OS including Windows, Linux, Mac. Android, iOS etc. Onedrive comes with a pack of apps made for different platforms including Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows. The speed of Dropbox is still better when we compared it with Onedrive.

Winner: Dropbox

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3. Onedrive vs Dropbox: Sharing and Content

OneDrive Vs DropBox | Cloud Storage ComparisonAre both the services offer easy sharing and content control? I hope they may, but when we compared we found some differences. In Dropbox, the file sharing can be done directly from the web interface with just a single click, whereas Onedrive offers a quite easy way to share multiple files. You just have to highlight the items to be shared and then click the Share button and your items will reach its destination. Deleted items can be recovered within 30 days from the date of removal.

Winner: Onedrive

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4. Dropbox vs Onedrive: Security

Both the services offer unbeatable security and you can upload your files or data without worrying about any data breach. When you upload your data on Dropbox, then it’s encrypted with 256-bit encryption. On the other hand, Onedrive protects your data with SSL/TLS security. The Dropbox also restricts their employees to access the user data, whereas the Onedrive doesn’t have strict policies for their employees. Dropbox offers two-factor authentication which protects you in case of a weak password.


That’s it! Above is the detailed Onedrive vs Dropbox Cloud Storage Comparison battle which will help you to decide on a better option for you. If you are still confused, then you should see the sections above and see which platform satisfy your needs and requirements. The one which satisfies your needs and requirements will be your idle storage platform. I hope this post helped you to select a better storage platform for you.

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