One or more network protocols are missing on this computer is an error which mainly occurs because of Windows Sockets registry entries. When some of these entries are missing, it triggers such errors reported by Windows. It mostly shows up when your computer fails to connect to the internet. In this case, your browser will not be able to ping to several addresses.

 This issue can be from your internet providing service and is responsible for all incoming and outgoing packets for any software. If you’re sure that your internet service provider is working correctly, then you can keep reading this article for possible solutions.

How To Fix One Or More Network Protocols Are Missing On This Computer Error

1. Reset Winsock

In most of the cases, one or more network protocols are missing on this computer error can be solved by resetting Winsock. Follow the below guide to reset Winsock:

  1. Click start and search for command prompt.
  2. Open command prompt as admin.
  3. Type “netsh winsock reset” and press enter.
  4. Restart your PC.

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2. Restart Network Adapter

Sometimes network adapters don’t work properly to resolve protocol requests. Such issues can be resolved by performing simple windows reboot. To do this, follow the guide below:

  1. Press start and “R” key.
  2. A popup window will appear.
  3. Type “ncpa.cpl”.
  4. Click Ok.
  5. Now Right Click on the network adapter you’re using and choose Disable.
  6. Right Click it again and choose Enable.

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3. Reinstalling TCP/IP

TCP/IP are a set of protocols which defines the way you connect to the Internet. Any faults or errors in them will block your internet access immediately.To fix this follow the below steps:

  1. Press start and run.
  2. Search “” and click ok.
  3. Your connection setting will appear,(might be broadband or wireless card) right click and choose properties.
  4. A popup window will appear, click install.
  5. Choose protocol and click on Add button.
  6. Choose have disk option and copy the manufacture’s files from C:\windows\inf folder and click OK.
  7. In network protocol list, choose Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and then click OK.
  8. Reboot your PC.

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4. Disable Custom Proxy

Sometimes the manual proxy you configured doesn’t work or gets blacklisted, in that case, your network won’t work. To disable that, follow these simple steps:

  1. Search and open control panel.
  2. Choose settings or network settings.
  3. Choose proxy.
  4. Go to manual proxy settings.
  5. Turn it off.

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5. Uninstall and Reinstall Antivirus Software

Some antivirus programs install custom firewalls which block your access to the internet. You can check it up by temporarily disabling the antivirus program. If you find its positive, then uninstall the antivirus program and install it again without firewall feature.

6. Checking Powerline Adapters

Many of you might be using powerline adapters which may be the reason behind all the interference in your network. A simple reset will solve the problem. As every powerline adapter reset process is different, you have to refer the instruction manual for that.


We hope you have fixed the issue of one or more network protocols are missing on this computer on your PC. If you’re facing trouble following the guide, then comment down below, and we will assist you in any way possible. Thank for reading.Have a nice day!


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