10 New Facebook Tricks And Hacks of 2022 (Best FB Tips)

Facebook is the most popular website. Facebook is the latest in the longest line in all social networking. It allows the user to connect with work colleagues, friends, and new people with a free profile. With the help of Facebook, we can share music, video, images, and documents. Simultaneously likes and shares his and people’s views. In this era, we spend most of our time using smartphones. We keep in touch with each other and see what is happening.facebook tricks

New Facebook Tricks & Hacks of 2022

Through this, you socialize with your friends and communicate with each other. Facebook provides you a lot of conveniences. There are also many unique tricks that you should try. This trick will make you a power user. This feature can be built-in with the help of any third-party app. Some of them are given below. Hopefully, you try these features.

1. Download Facebook video

10 New Facebook Tricks And Hacks of 2022 (Best FB Tips)

We watch and share a lot of videos on Facebook. Facebook allows us to picture downloading, but we are unable to download the video. Facebook does not have such an option in the case of video roll to the camera roll. Fortunately, Now you can download any video from Facebook. For this, you can go to https://www.fbdown.net/ and paste the link of the video there. Now your video will be downloaded. Enjoy your downloaded videos.

2. Create your Facebook Profile Avtar

Profile Avatar feature has launched by Facebook on its platform some time ago. This platform was first launched in the USA (May 2020) . It gives a very cool look to your profile. You should check on Facebook whether you have got this feature or not?
This is a great feature to generate your personalized cartoon avatar. You can use it on your profile picture, as a sticker for your posts and comments, and also inside Messenger. So, make your profile unique.

3. Download games on Facebook

You can access a lot of games on Facebook. Now you can also play online games on the Facebook Messenger app with your friend. Facebook is now adding a lot of games to Messenger. Earlier we had instant games: Basketball and football. Now this list has been up to 50. To access this picture, we have to use Facebook Messenger. Click on the Discover tab at the bottom right corner of the screen in Facebook Messenger. You can also play these games alone and also with your friends.

4. See all photos like by someone

Go to Facebook Search to use this feature. Type your friend’s photo after his or her name. Then this feature will show you all the pictures that your friend has liked. When you start typing someone’s name, it works with anyone. It will give you a sense of relationships with her, such as My Lover and Siblings.

5. Turn off Autoplay video or other sounds.

An autoplay video is a  useful feature for us. But it is annoying when you want to save your data pack. When you are in a crowded place and start to autoplay the video with a funny voice.  In this case, you can turn off the music for autoplay or disable the autoplay feature altogether.

Settings > Media and Contacts > Autoplay then choose Never Autoplay Videos.10 New Facebook Tricks And Hacks of 2022 (Best FB Tips)

In the news feed, the video starts with a sound, and for autoplay click on the Autoplay setting and turn off it.

6. Unfollow someone without unfriend them.

10 New Facebook Tricks And Hacks of 2022 (Best FB Tips)Some people post too many times a day. You get bored seeing their posts, but you do not want to unfriend them or block them. What can you do in such a situation? Go to their profile and type in the following option there. Then you will get three options. Click on unfollow option and then you won’t see their post. You will also remain friends.

7. Track Last logged measure in social media sites

Security plays a very important role on social media sites. If you are worried about your password account. Facebook provides you the facility to track your login tools and their locations. For this, go to settings > security and login. Here, you will get the login device.

8. Save the Post to access in future

10 New Facebook Tricks And Hacks of 2022 (Best FB Tips)The post is interesting for you and you want to keep an eye on it in the future. You can avoid any post and access any post. To access the post. Click on the menu icon and save the post. Your post will save on your Facebook account. It is a very easy and simple way to access the post.

9. Download a Secure profile picture

Some time ago, Facebook introduced a security feature. Its name is Profile Picture Guard which provides security to your Facebook user’s profile. This prevents the profile from being saved and shared by anyone. You cannot even take a screenshot of a profile from the Profile Picture Guard Security. But you can easily save profiles using third party app like Crop and Share. For that you have to download the app and enable the floating bubble. Now you can take a screenshot of the profile with the help of a floating bubble.

10. Manage & Personalize your Newsfeed

All posts on Facebook appear on the newsfeed. With this trick, you will see only the posts in which you are interested. With this, you can get rid of useless posts. This allows you to hide all unnecessary posts. For this, click on the menu icon once and hide them for 30 days or forever.


Here are some tricks and tips for Facebook. You must use these tricks. I hope that these tips will prove very useful for you on Facebook and share them with your friends too.

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