MTN Data Plans | Bundles, Subscription Codes & Prices of 2019

MTN is one of the most data service provider. MTN has now improved itself; it is not difficult anymore to choose perfect MTN data plans for you. It serves you a variety of options. Different plan variety for different users. It provides you the daily plans, weekly plans as well as monthly plans.MTN Data Plans | Bundles, Subscription Codes & Prices of 2019

MTN Data Plan Prices

Below mentioned MTN Data plans are the latest one.

Data PlansValidityPrice
50MB MTN Daily data plan for mobile24 hours100 Naira
150MB MTN Daily data plan,24 hoursN200
500MB MTN Weekly data plan for mobile24*7, 7 days500 NGN
1GB MTN Cheap Browsing for Mobile24*7, 30 daysN1000
1.5GB MTN mobile data plan24*7, 30 days1200 Naira
2.5GB MTN mobile data plan24*7, 30 days2000 Naira
5GB MTN mobile data plan24*7, 30 days3500 Naira
10GB MTN data plan24*7, 30 days5,000 NGN
22GB MTN data plan24*7, 30 daysN10,000
50GB MTN data plan24*7, 60 daysN20,000
85GB MTN data plan24*7, 90 daysN50,000

Activation codes for MTN Data Subscription

If you want to activate any of above given MTN Data Plan, then have a look on below-given codes. SMS 2 to 131 to check the MTN data subscription balance.

Data PlansActivation Codes
50MB, 24 hours, 100 NairaSMS 104 to 131
150MB, 24 hours, N200SMS 113 to 131
500MB, 24*7, 30 days, N500SMS 103 to 131
1GB, 24*7, 30 days, N1000SMS 106 to 131
1.5GB, 24*7, 30 days, 1200 NairaSMS 130 to 131
2.5GB, 24*7, 30 days, 2000 NairaSMS 110 to 131
5GB, 24*7, 30 days, 3500 NairaSMS 107 to 131
10GB, 24*7, 30 days, 5,000 NGNSMS 116 to 131
22GB, 24*7, 30 days, N10,000SMS 117 to 131
50GB, 24*7, 60 days, N20,000SMS 118 to 131
85GB, 24*7, 90 days, N50,000SMS 133 to 131

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Activation of Internet browsing on MTN

Here is the method for activation of Internet browsing on MTN. For this activation, you need to have an internet-enabled mobile device or Router or Modem. After activating internet browsing on MTN, you can directly browse with your mobile. And also you can use your mobile as a modem that can connect your system to the Internet using Bluetooth or USB cable.

To activate and get 3G/3.5/GPRS settings automatically on your device, SMS SETTINGS to 3888 (Only for Nigerian mobiles). OR You can configure the setting of your device manually. For this, you have to set the information as follows:

  • Account name: MTN GPRS
  • Access point name (APN):
  • IP Address:
  • Port: 8080 (for HTML) or 9201 (for WAP)
  • Username: web
  • Password: web

Note that If your mobile supports only WAP then except the Port 8080.

You will get the pre-loaded MTN internet settings if you buy the browsing device for you from the MTN service center.

So, that’s it for MTN Data Plans. I hope you found the best plan for you. As MTN provides the compelling data at the lowest price, that’s why you can not get any difficulty to choose the best one for you.

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