MP3 Vs MP4 | All Common Differences

Do you think that MP4 is a newer and updated version of the MP3 files? Well, No, there are a lot of differences between both the file formats, but most of the people aren’t aware of them. But, you don’t need to worry about this anymore. We are going to show you a list of differences between both the file formats and not only you, everyone should be aware of the key differences.mp3 vs mp4

Differences Between MP3 and MP4 You Must Know

1. Media Type

The first and foremost difference between MP3 and MP4 lies in the type of files they store. MP3 can be used for storing Audio files, whereas the MP4 is mostly used to store audio, video and even images with subtitles.

In digital language, we can say, MP3 is a format which stores only Audio files, whereas the MP4 is a kind of container which stores video and digital multimedia files.

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2. Flexibility

As we all know that, MP3 can’t be used to store multiple file types, so it doesn’t offer flexibility, whereas the MP4 is quite flexible as compared to the MP3 format. It can be used to store audio, videos and even images.

Besides that, MP4 files are compatible with both the Advanced Audio Coding and Apple Lossless Audio Coding, whereas the MP3 is only compatible with Audio files. Media players work better with the MP4 files as compared to the MP3 files.

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3. Metadata

Both the MP3 and MP4 uses metadata to support every media player to listen to your favorite content online. The MP3 files use the data like song name, album, genre and a lot of other information to support every media player.

On the other hand, MP4 files also contain metadata that’s compatible with a large number of file types including PNG, JPEG, HTML, PSD etc.

MP3 vs MP4: Which One is the Best and Right Choice?

I don’t think there’s anything like perfect exist in the world. Everything has their own pros, cons, and uses. So, both the MP3 and MP4 are two different terms and they possess different uses as well. If you want to store audio, then you should use MP3 and if you are looking to store video files, then you should use the MP4 format.

I hope this post helped you to learn everything about MP3 and MP4. If you liked it then share it with your friends who are still looking for the same. Also, if you still have any doubts, then feel free to connect with us through the comment section below.

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