5 Most Disliked Videos On YouTube | 2019 Updated List

Youtube is a place to present your talent through videos. In May 2016, a small, unpredictable video on youtube has gone viral. The video was about a woman who bought a Chewbacca Mask and filmed herself while she was trying it on for the first time. However not everybody liked the video, it got more than 3500 dislikes from people in the youtube community. This raises a new question that what are the most disliked videos on youtube. Let’s find out:5 Most Disliked Videos On YouTube | 2019 Updated List

Most Disliked Videos On Youtube

There are several reasons for getting a video being disliked by the majority of people on Youtube. The main reason is obvious – people don’t like the video content, or the actor or the scripting, etc.

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3500 dislikes on the Chewbacca Mom video are nothing as compared to other videos who get more than a million dislikes, which is way more than the likes they get in general. Let’s see few of the most disliked videos on Youtube.

1. Baby, by Justin Bieber | 8 million + Dislikes

As we talked earlier, youtube has given everybody opportunity to represent themselves and showcase their talent. However, this went gone with an emerging singer Justin Beiber in his video song “Baby.” Justin Beiber is one of the first big talents who started their professional career by posting videos on Youtube. But who thought that his first video would become one of the most disliked videos on youtube? Statists have to say: The video got over 1.3 billion views all around the world and the dislikes outnumber the likes by roughly over two million.

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2. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Reveal Trailer | 3 million+ Dislikes

Call Of Duty: The popular game among the PC gamers got more than 2.5 million dislikes on their latest Infinite warfare Reveal Trailer. That’s why we added in our list of Most Disliked Videos On YouTube. Experts say that is because that the company Activision has outnumbered the demands of gamers and needed to re-connect with its fanbase. This is the reason that their fans smashed the dislike button as soon as the trailer for their new game gone public. CEO of Activision, Mr. Eric Hirshberg believes that the reason for so many dislikes is due to the change in the direction where the game was going in future.

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3. Friday by Rebecca Black | 3 million + Dislikes

Rebecca shot her fame with her song Friday which surprisingly got 2.1 million dislikes because of the bad lyrics and bad composing overall. That’s why we added in our list of most disliked YouTube videos. Audience says that the lyrics were bad, the whole video song looks amateurish and the weird tune which got into the head of people which is the reason why it got so popular in old days of youtube. It also reserves a space on one of the worst music videos on the internet.

4. Gangnam Style by Psy | 1 million Dislikes

You must have heard of this one before. It is the famous “Oppa Gangnam Style” song which went viral in 2012. You must get surprised when we tell you the fact that their video got over 1.5 million dislikes which brings it down to the most disliked videos on Youtube. However, when the video went viral, it broke all records of all time, and the world was going crazy about it.

5. Strong by Rick Perry | 863k Dislikes

Before U.S presidential Elections back in 2012, Texas Governor Rick Perry released an advertisement on Youtube which ridiculously backfired. The video itself got a lot of controversial talk with more than 838k dislikes overall.

So these were the top 5 of most disliked videos on youtube. Let us know how many of you have watched them already. If you know other videos which have more dislikes than these videos, let us know, and we will be happy to add it up here. Till then, have a wonderful day.

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