5 Best Android Apps to Track Mobile Number Location Free

What is Mobile tracking?? We all know about mobile tracking. It is the process of finding any mobile location. Sometimes we want to track mobile number location. But there is no official way to track the location of mobile number. But we are here with a pack of 5 best apps to track mobile number location.5 Best Android Apps to Track Mobile Number Location Free

Best Mobile Number Location Tracker Apps

The Mobile tracking can be done in a number of ways :

1. Network-based:

When mobile number location is tracked by service provider’s network interface, then we called it tracking of mobile number location by the network.

2. Handset-based:

When mobile number location is tracked by a client software, that is installed in the handset, then we can call this type of tracking is Handset-based.

3. Hybrid Positioning System:

It is a group of network-based and handset-based technology to track a mobile number location.

4. Sim based:

When tracking of number location is done on the basis of SIM number then we call it SIM-based mobile tracking.

5. WiFi-based:

WiFi data can also help in tracking a mobile phone number location.

 Best Android Apps to Track Mobile Number Location in Android

1. Glympse

Friends, this is one of the best apps for tracking a mobile number using the android phone. And the best part is that you can install it without paying any amount. It is available on google play store for free. To make installation more easy in your Android, for you,

I will provide the download link below, to install this app. There are some major features of this application below. You can read all the features before download Glympse software.

Key Features:

  • No need to register or login on it.
  • It dose not leak your information or your tracked locations.
  • You can use it by using 3G/4G data and WiFi also.
  • You can share location with this app, and you no need to pay for this.
  • It always run in your phone (when your device is locked)
  • Much more…

Glympse – Standort teilen
Glympse – Standort teilen

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2. Open GPS Tracker

This is not real time location tracking app, but it has many coolest features. It comes with a very important feature for trips, it supports visual, video graphic and texture notes too. So you must install it and must use it at least once.

You can enjoy this app features in your trips also. If you want to install it, then you just have to click on the link given below.

Open GPS Tracker
Open GPS Tracker
Developer: René de Groot
Price: Free

3. Real Time GPS Tracker

This is another fantastic application available on Play-store, which is ranked 3rd position in our list, so you can also use Real Time GPS Tracker app to track any of your desired numbers. It is also available free in google play store.

So you can install it for free, and it is 100% working also. If you want to download this, then just click on the link given below.

Real-Time GPS Tracker
Real-Time GPS Tracker
Developer: Greenalp
Price: Free+

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4. Where’s My Droid

Where’s my droid i.e; where is my android? It means you can also find your lost android phones by using Where’s My Droid app. It is a very popular application on play store. And a lot of users are already using it. But you can not track real-time location with it. But you can easily locate your mobile by using it.

Wheres My Droid
Wheres My Droid

5. GPS Tracking Life 360

It comes with too many features. You can track your desired mobile number location by using it, if their location is enabled. You can find awesome user interface and design in this application, You can find your lost mobile device by using it.

Or you can track any number location by turning on their mobile location. And if you want to download this app to enjoy more feature, then you just have to click on below given play store link.

Life360 - Familie Suchen, GPS Tracker
Life360 - Familie Suchen, GPS Tracker

Note: here provided information is just to help people.. not to encourage them for crime… Any person who misuses knowledge deserves strict punishment by the government.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. which is the best phone tracker app free?

Ans:- Here we added some of the best applications, so you can choose according to your requirement. You can also check 1 by 1.

2. Best phone tracker app without permission?

Ans:- Maybe it’s not possible at all. If you will use some spy applications, then you have to give permission to track your victim’s mobile phone.

3. Best mobile number tracker with google map?

Ans:- Some of the spy apps provide this type of facilities, but you have to pay for those applications. I can’t share those applications names here, just for some reasons. But you can google it to download them.

4. Mobile number tracker online free with location

Ans:- You can use your victim’s Gmail on your phone. And after that, you can use google find my device app to trank their live location.

Google Mein Gerät finden
Google Mein Gerät finden
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Final Words

As I shared information about above-mentioned apps, many of you will have a question on your mind and that will be definitely about real Location tracker. So, friends, I make it clear to you that there is not any application or software that can track real-location.

No one of common people can track anyone’s real location because of some privacy policies provided to all users. Real location can be tracked only by some government tracking software and some special register persons can use them.

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