Earlier there were no smartphones; people were living a simple life. Now our lifestyle has extensive involvement in technology. So with every sunrise, we meet with some new technical innovation. But you can’t ignore the fact that, technical problems are also evolving with a change in technology. You might have noticed that your Smartphone is showing a message that Mobile network not available. Earlier mobile phone users were not facing these problems whereas it’s a common problem in the latest Smartphones launched by any of the Smartphone company.

Fix “Mobile Network Not Available” Error in Android

You might agree with me that every Smartphone brand is focusing on the design and camera, very few of them are concentrating on some tiny thing that we ordinary people are facing. They ignore the defects that we people notice for instance the “mobile network not available” problems is a small issue for the big Smartphone brands.

But you people need not worry as we are here to help you out in the network problem. We are here with some of the working methods by which you can avoid the message showing mobile network not available. But make sure you have some network availability in your area.

The below-mentioned methods are selected after a broad research and after investing a huge amount of time on reading several articles available on the web and we had tried these methods personally thus, you can rely on us. Although then too you face any problem then do let us know in the comment section below. Let’s begin with our methods.

1. Check Sim and Battery to Fix Mobile Network Not Available

One of the primary reason that might be causing the problem of the no mobile network is that your Sim card might not correctly be placed in you Sim tray or it might be the problem of your software thus; it is a must that your first step should be re-inserting your Smartphone correctly.

But you people need to follow some step that your phone can get the proper network coverage. Have a look at the instruction written below and don’t skip anyone of them.

Note:- This method is working only in few smartphones. If you are able to do all steps in your mobile then try it.

  • The very basic step that you are going to follow here is to switch off your smartphone.
  • Then remove the battery and SIM from your device.
  • Now we need to remove the static charge from the phone while the battery is not placed on the phone. To do that press the “Power” and “Home” button together at least 10 times, then press and hold both buttons for 2- 3 minutes.
  • Insert the battery back in the phone.
  • Insert the SIM card back in the phone.
  • While your phone is turned on insert and remove the SIM card from your phone until it asks you to restart.
  • At last restart, the phone and you’ll see the problem no longer persist.

If your Smartphone doesn’t support the removal of battery then you need to follow the methods mentioned below.

2. Select Network Operator Manually to Fix Cellular Network Not Available

Sometimes your device is not able to detect the network automatically, then you need to choose the network operator of supported SIM network provider manually. Follow the below-mentioned procedure to fix no mobile network error in android.

  • Open settings.
  • Go to “Wireless and Network” category and tap on more option.
  • Go to Mobile Network.
  • Find and select Mobile Operators.
  • At bottom, you’ll see the network operator option from where you need to choose the network operator manually.

3. Network error due to Improper radio Signals broadcasting to Fix Mobile Network Not Available

This issue rarely happens on any device but since we are here to help you out thus we will cover all the possible reasons and give you the solution.

  • Dial *#*#4636#*#* on from your Smartphone.
  • After this, you will see a new window opens in which you will find an option named as “Phone Information”.
  • In that option, you need to tap on “Run Ping Test”.
  • Now you have to Select GSM Auto (PRL) from the drop down list.
  • Afterwards, Click Turn off radio, after this just reboot your device and your problem is solved.


These were our tested methods to overcome the problem of “mobile network not available” Hope you have got your desired solution and if not then do let us known. Please share this article with your friends and social sites. And if you have any question about “Cellular Network Not Available” Error, then comment below your query.


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