MobiKin Assistant Review: Is it Worth Checking Out?

Since the day technology has evolved, mobile phones have become an important part of our lives. We have a lot of our memories stored in these small devices which we can’t even afford to lose. Most of the times we don’t even create a backup and when we decide to do so, it’s been already too late.MobiKin Assistant Review: Is it Worth Checking Out?

Well, In today’s technological era, we don’t even need to worry about this as there are several tools that can help you to get those lost memories back. One of the names among such tools is MobiKin. MobiKin is a well known and reputed file manager for Android you can use to store your memories.

In this article, we’re gonna present our views about MobiKin and discuss the things which make it worth checking out. So, without having any more discussions, let’s have a look at MobiKin’s features and pricing plans.

A Quick Overview About MobiKin Assistant for Android

MobiKin Assistant is a powerful tool that comes with power-packed with several data backup tools and features. It lets you transfer files, create backups, store your personal and professional data, and allows you to even download files whenever you want to do so.

The tool also comes with a mass upload and download feature that lets you upload and download multiple files at once. Their interface and controls are beginner-friendly making it much easier for a non-techy person to operate and make changes to it.

Why Should You Prefer MobiKin Instead of its Alternatives?

You might be wondering about why should you use MobiKin even when there are several other options available too? We have collected a list of features that would be enough to prefer MobiKin instead of other similar tools available in the market.

1. Ability to Add, Create, Restore and Backup Files

One of the most prominent features that you will find in most of the data management tools is its ability to store, create and restore files. Likewise, MobiKin is capable of just fantastic at performing this job. It can store data in various popular formats such as CSV, HTML, VCF, and many more.

2. Screen Capture

Their screen capture tool is specifically built to give you the ability to take screenshots and save it directly to your computer. However, it’s a great feature, but available only when your device is connected via cables instead of a Wi-fi connection.

3. Install, Uninstall and Backup Apps

MobiKin Assistant Review: Is it Worth Checking Out?

The MobiKin Assistant for android also lets you install and create a backup of the applications stored on your device. Other than this, it also comes with the ability to store and manage your contacts.

4. Import, Export, and Manage Media Files

MobiKin Assistant Review: Is it Worth Checking Out?Another great advantage is its ability to export and import media files. It supports various third-party platforms from where you can export files and store them in MobiKin’s vault.

5. Wi-Fi Connectivity

Do you find it harder to connect multiple devices using wire cables? Well, MobiKin has made it pretty much simpler for you. They do have a wi-fi connectivity feature which lets you connect your mobile phone to PC using the Wi-fi connection.

Pricing and its Plans

The MobiKin Assistant does have a premium plan to offer. The plan lets you perform some exceptional operations that wouldn’t be able to do in their free plan. Their premium plan doesn’t even cost that much and starts as low as 29.95$ a year.

They do have a 90 day guarantee period, so in case, you’re a first time user and their services don’t seem perfect to you, then you can get a refund within 90 days. If we talk about our experience, we are pretty much impressed with their robust technology and exceptional data management services.

Final Words

There’s no doubt in the fact that MobiKin Assistant is a perfect solution for all your data management needs. In case, you’re looking for a solution to keep your data safe, then you should definitely give it a try. All in All, we highly recommend this as it’s worth it.

We hope you find our review pretty much useful. If it helped you to make a decision, then don’t forget to share it with your friends to let them know about this amazing tool.

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