How to Fix The Media Test Failure Check Cable Error?

Preboard Execution Environment is a feature which is supported by the motherboard. It lets your computer find and open up the bootable operating system. Sometimes it may cause some problems like “media test failure check cable” error. There are a lot of users who have reported this issue on various forums, but they may or may not find a solution which is working for them. If you are here, then it means you haven’t found any solution yet. So, if you are still looking for a solution, then here are the steps which you can follow to solve the “media test failure check cable” error:How to Fix The Media Test Failure Check Cable Error?

How to Solve the Media Test Failure Check Cable Error?

All methods are deferent, So, please keep in mind that you don’t have to follow all methods like steps by step.

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  1. Firstly, you need to change the bootloader on BIOS located in the hard drive folder. This will force BIOS to look for an operating system available on a local hard drive.
  2. After that, turn on BIOS and then wait until it detects the hard drive. If it doesn’t connect and shows a PX-E61 error, then it might be due to a disconnected hard drive.
  3. Find the Boot Menu and see whether the BIOS is showing a hard drive or not? If it doesn’t show, then restart your computer and then check that the HDD cables are properly connected.
  4. If you want to boot from an external device, then make sure that the external device is bootable. If it’s not, then it will show the “media test failure check cable” error. You can use a software like “Rufus” to make a USB or external device bootable.
  5. If you don’t want to use the PXE while the booting process, then you can disable it from the Boot Menu. If you wanna use it, then just make sure that the cables are properly connected, otherwise, it will show up the PX-E61 error.
  6. If there’s a problem in the cable, then just replace the cable with a good one so that it can work properly while the booting process.
  7. You can update the network card drivers because an outdated or corrupted card driver can throw up the PX-E61 error on your screen. But before doing so, keep in mind to change the boot drivers to boot on the local boot drivers.
  8. If the error still appears, then the last option is to reset the BIOS settings. Sometimes, a minor default in settings can cause a problem. So, it will be better to reset the settings.

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That’s it! Above are the best possible solutions which you can consider while solving the “media test failure check cable” error. I hope this guide will help you to solve the error. If you found this guide helpful, then share it with your friends who are facing the same problem. Also, if you have any queries or questions, then feel free to ask me in the comment section below.

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