Best Easy Methods To Market Your Real Estate Business On Instagram

Gone are the days when a real estate agent would show a buyer around the house, explain the details and advantages, negotiate a deal in person, and then sell the house. With every industry going digital, the real estate industry has also relied heavily on digital marketing in the last few years to promote sales. Almost every prospective buyer today searches for properties on the internet first, and in particular, on social media platforms. Best Easy Methods To Market Your Real Estate Business On Instagram

Social media offers a plethora of benefits for the realtors who use it for marketing their brand, as well as potential customers who want to purchase or rent a property. For those in the real estate business, here are some methods you can use in your online marketing campaign to boost revenues. In particular, this article talks about Instagram marketing.  

Why Instagram? 

The different social media platforms available have their advantages and characteristics that make each of them unique. With over a billion users and 50 billion photos and videos shared to date, Instagram is arguably the most popular medium to interact with people of today. IG also has over 25 million business profiles, making it highly prospective for realtors to market their content. 

89% of viewers said that Instagram was the most important social media channel for influencer marketing, and shopping enthusiasts predominantly use Instagram to make purchases. These numbers, and some other features described below, prove that Instagram has enough advantages for businessmen and customers to buy and sell property online.  

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The 5 Best Instagram Marketing Techniques

The first thing you need to do before starting your Instagram campaign is to create a business account. A business profile has several advantages, like analytics tools, the ability to publish ads on Instagram with Facebook tools, and, of course, more credibility. 

1. Make Video Content 

All realtors post pictures of the property: the interiors, backyard, and a couple of photos of the full building for the customers to get an idea of the house they plan to buy. If you want to make your marketing content unique, replace the picture(s) with a video. Merge the individual images into a slideshow or use a video camera to shoot a tour of the house. 

Free video editing tools available online make your job simple by giving you a variety of enhancement options like filters, text blocks, and pre-loaded audio tracks. A video can convey so much more information than a picture and has a greater potential for influencing the viewer. 

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2. Instagram Stories 

Instagram stories have been the best feature on the platform for the last couple of years: these are 15-second posts that last only for 24 hours and appear on the top of the viewers’ IG feed. Followers of your page can instantly see your posts without scrolling down, giving you the necessary visibility. IG stories also give you the freedom to post attention-catching content without caring much about aesthetics. 

By shortening your video to 15-seconds, or choosing the best parts, you can share those as stories, with a link to the full video as well. That way, people notice what you have to offer and get the entire content too. For business accounts, there is no limit on the number of stories you can share, but for longer videos, IGTV is a better place to share. 

3. Hashtags & Geotags 

With any online content, search engine optimization (SEO) is a crucial aspect; this is what decides how easily people can find your content online. On Instagram, hashtags and geotags help your posts get the necessary visibility. Hashtags are keywords that you add on the photo or video itself, the caption, or comments, and geotags are similar words but which indicate the geographical location. 

For real estate, if you add geotags to your posts, whenever people search for content related to that particular area, your post will show up. Remember to use the right hashtags too; choose words that people are likely to search, like #3BHK, #Parel, #Furnished, or make a unique hashtag for your brand and use it in every post. Do not overload your content with tags; typically, around five in the caption and five in the comments is good enough.  

4. Instagram Analytics 

Every business account holder gets access to Instagram’s free analytics tool called Insights. You can get information about when your audience is most active, which posts are most popular, and a comparison of the outreach between your original post and the promoted version from this tool. While this is free, several paid third-party analytics add-ons offer much more detail to help you plan your content accordingly. 

For example, keyword-related software applications tell you what the trending keywords in a particular domain are so that you can incorporate them into your posts. Content curation tools use artificial intelligence and machine learning to search hundreds of other websites and platforms to recommend the type of content your followers are likely to pay attention to. Since location is an essential parameter when it comes to real estate, tools that analyze your audience’s demographics will help you target your ads and posts more effectively.  

5. Connect With Your Audience

Posting regularly to keep your audience engaged is vital to the success of your Instagram campaign. Make it a point to post a fixed number of posts every day – not just about available properties but also informational pieces like “10 Tips for Interior Decoration”. Answer all comments, messages, and other queries promptly to convey the necessary information to your customers. 

To widen your outreach further, you can also collaborate with industry influencers to promote your post, giving you an edge over competitors. Online events and contests also persuade more people to visit your official page, and you can use that opportunity to promote your brand. The more you make customers feel part of your brand, the better your image will be, since satisfied customers also act as advocates.  

Start Your Campaign Today 

With these real estate marketing techniques, your business is on its way to build relationships with customers and increase revenues. Social media platforms and Instagram, in particular, are the best places to connect with people, and the right content and networking strategies play a significant role in expanding your business. 

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