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In this article, we have mentioned all the easy steps to fix the “MacBook Pro Won’t Boot” issue. Many of the users were asking and searching for the solution to fix the issue. Therefore, to help you out we bring you this article. The issue of “Mac won’t boot” can occur due to several reasons. And Every reason has its particular solution. This is not a very difficult task; you just have to follow the instructions carefully.MacBook Pro Won't Boot

Fix: MacBook Pro Won’t Boot issue

1. Finding the Problem

“Mac won’t start up” and “Mac won’t turn on” both are different problems. So first you have check whether your Mac won’t start up or it won’t turning on. And you can find this as:

Try to turn on your Mac by pressing the power button. If you do not hear any sound like startup chime, drive or fan noise, or if nothing is appearing on your display like images or visuals, then it is not turning on. Whereas if it does not turn on for a different approach, then it is not starting up.

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If your Mac won’t turn on, then you can try the given fixes.

  1. You should check your power connection first.
  2. And then check whether the power cable and adapter are working or not. You can try a different power cable and adapter.
  3. Disconnect and remove all the accessories or hardware form your Mac.

2. Performing a Power Cycle

Here is another method that you can try if your MacBook Pro won’t boot up. You can perform a trick which we called Power Cycle. It will kill the power and force your MacBook to restart. To perform a Power Cycle, you have to follow the given instructions.

  1. Unplug the Power source.
  2. Press and hold the power button for 10-15 seconds. You will hear a squeak of the power cut.
  3. Plug in the power source.
  4. Press and hold the power button and Wait for 10 seconds.

3. Checking the Display or Monitor

Sometimes your display can make your Mac won’t boot. You can check it by trying to boot your Mac and listen if it is making any sound. It can happen that your Mac is turning on, but your display is faulty and does not show anything. You can visit the Apple Support document to fix the issues with your display.

4. Running Disk Utility in the Recovery Mode

Running Disk Utility in the Recovery ModeIf above-given methods were not useful to you, then you can try this method. Here we will run the disk utility in recovery mode. You can apply this method when the issues come with your OS. That means where your Mac is Booting, but your OS is not loading. The issue of “MacBook Pro Won’t Boot” can occur due to a Corrupted Drive. To fix this, you can follow the below-given methods.

Note that: Make sure your Mac is turned off. If it sticks on a blank screen (white, blue or grey screen), then press and hold the power button until you hear a sound of shutting off.

  1. First of all, Boot your Mac in the Recovery mode and Run the Disk Utility.
  2. After that press and hold Cmd+R keys together from your Keyboard. And power the Mac back again. Keep pressing both keys while booting of your Mac.
  3. After Going to Recovery Mode of your Mac, you can access the Utility option.
  4. Find and click on the Disk Utility option, locate the icon of the Mac’s Drive.
  5. After that click on Verify Disk.
  6. It will now scan the errors of your Disk.
  7. Then it will ask you to permit to repair or fix the errors.
  8. Click on the Repair Disk option.

Note: You can perform several tasks in recovery mode. Here is the list of tasks that it will allow you to do.

  1. Verify and repair the connected Drives.
  2. Restore backup by Time Machine Backup.
  3. You can check your network or Internet Connection.
  4. Use Safari Browser to get online help.
  5. Reinstall the Operating System (OS).

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5. Booting Mac in Safe Boot

Booting Mac in Safe Boot or verbose modeYou can also apply the booting the Mac in safe mode method to fix the “MacBook Pro won’t boot” issue. You can do this by following instructions.

Shut down your mac. And then turn it on by pressing the power and Shift key together. It will take a few seconds. You can also press Shift, cmd and V keys to enter safe mode with verbose Mode. And it will show you all process that is processing by Safe Mode.

6. Checking file system

You can also fix the MacBook Pro Won’t Boot issue by checking the File System. This is the easiest method of all. For this, you have to follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. First of all, Shut down your Mac.
  2. Then Start it again by pressing Power Button and Cmd+S keys. This will take you to the Single User Mode.
  3. Release the keys when you see the messages in white text on your intimidating Black screen.
  4. Wait for a while until you see command-line prompt appears. When the processing is completed, then type fsck -fy. And the press Return.
  5. Wait for some time. (It may take several minutes to complete the process)
  6. Now you will get one of these two messages on your screen. Either you will get “The volume [your Mac’s name] appears to be OK” or “FILE SYSTEM WAS MODIFIED.”
  7. If you get the first message, then Type Reboot and hit Return.
  8. And if you get the other message then follow the procedure again.

7. Resetting the PRAM / NVRAM

There is another method for you if you are still facing the issue. The method involves the procedure of resetting the PRAM or NVRAM. It is not a difficult process. For this, you have to press Cmd, Option, P, R, and Power button to turn on the Mac. You can take someone’s help in this. Keep holding all the keys until you hear a sound of restarting Mac.

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8. Resetting the SMC

Resetting the SMC can also help you to fix the issue. Before attempting the methods to recover data and reinstalling the current Operating System, you should give a try to this method.  You can Reset the SMC by following the below-given procedure.

  1. Unplug the power for 15-20 seconds and plug it in back.
  2. Wait for 5-8 seconds.
  3. And then press Shift + Option + Ctrl keys together.

9. Reinstall macOS

Sometimes the error comes with the versions of OS which are not updated. So you should update your OS and check whether the error is fixed or not. You can update it by accessing the Utility options as given in Step 4.

Final Words

So this was the article “MacBook Pro Won’t Boot”. I hope this article will help you. And thanks for visiting. Comment your queries in the comment box. And keep visiting.

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