MacBook Pro Vs Air – Full in Depth Comparison

There are many options available in 2019 when a thought of buying a computer comes to mind. When it comes to Mac users, they have insufficient choices of hardware to pick from. But sometimes users find it hard which mac to choose, and the battle is always between MacBook Pro Vs Air.MacBook Pro Vs Air - Full in Depth Comparison

MacBook Pro Vs Air | Choose The Best

Both the devices come with a beautiful screen aesthetic of 13 inches. The screen size is the same, but the difference is between the hardware installed inside. So if you have already decided to choose between mac pro and air, then this article will surely help you up.

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1. Price Comparision of MacBook Pro Vs Air

Macbook air is officially the cheapest model of Apple laptops you can buy today. With a tag of $999, you will get a lightweight laptop machine with super build quality with our user-friendly set of input-output ports. On one charge it can hold up to 10 hours of regular usage which makes it perfect for students and media consumption purposes.

While MacBook pro, on the other hand, will cost you around $1299 for the cheapest model without touch bar functionality. Its super lightweight, with a weight measuring near to 3 pounds with a beautiful aluminum chassis along with a beautiful retina display. If your primary purpose is to create professional videos, illustrations or great graphics designing, then the MacBook Pro is the right choice for you.

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2. Dimensions & Weight

Both machines are designed beautifully with perfect aesthetics. Macbook air was one of the lightest and thinnest laptops back in 2008. In coming years, the weight of MacBook pro also have significantly decreased, and the difference is almost negligible.

Just t get geeky here, the dimensions of MacBook air are  32.5 x 22.7cm. With an aluminum build of 1.3 kg. Its still one of the thinnest laptops around with just 0.3 cm at its thinnest side!

Talking about the power machine MacBook pro, it weights around 1.37 kg, slightly more than MacBook air and has dimensions of 30.41 x 21.24cm with 1.49 cm average thickness of the aluminum chassis.

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3. Processor, RAM, and Performance

The main difference between these two machines is the procession power which brings the battle of mac pro versus mac air to a new level and gives us a clear-cut decision. The default CPU clock speed of MacBook Air is 1.8 GHz which is quite enough to get you through the day, but our competitor MacBook pro has a clock speed of 2.3 GHz which can be pumped up to 3.1 GHz. Both the laptops come with configurable rams so whether you want 8 Gb or 16 GB, it is your choice, but you cant change it later. Only the difference is in ram speed where MacBook air with 1600 MHz and MacBook pro at 2133MHz.

4. MacBook Pro Vs Air Battery

In short MacBook air wins this round. In brief  Macbook air have fairly average screen quality which doesn’t consume many resources, where on another hand MacBook pro comes with retina display which is power hungry. Putting it into numbers, MacBook air can easily run 12 hours non stop while MacBook pro can run 10 hours after a complete charge. So if you need a full day battery life, Air is the winner.

5. Storage Comparision of MacBook Pro Vs Air

Both laptops come with configurable SSD Flash storages of 128gb, 256gb which are fast and quiet. MacBook has the advantage of additional configurable of 512gb storage up to 1 TB.

6. Ports and peripherals Comparision

Its the portion where most users get confused as both devices have there plus points. MacBook comes with our good old set of USB ports, dedicated sd card slot, and a mini display port. And don’t forget MagSafe and headphone jack. Where MacBook Pro ships with a bunch of USB c ports. So get ready for dongle life. So in ports comparison between MacBook air vs. pro, Air clearly wins by all points.

Final Words

This brings us to the end of mac pro versus air battle; we hope you have your answers now. The truth is both machines are beautifully designed by Apple for a different set of people. If you’re a professional and needs to do a lot of professional graphics intensive work then, by all means, go for a MacBook Pro. And if you are a student or some casual guy or girl who need a Mac machine to get some light work done including email, same decent gaming, streaming youtube and Netflix, etc. then MacBook air will fit you well.

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