Uber Vs Lyft | Difference Between Uber and Lyft

Uber and Lyft are two of the biggest transportation networks in the United States. Apparently, they seem to be quiet similar, but there are some differences between Uber and Lyft. When you analyze Lyft vs Uber you will notice that the differences between these two services are quite significant.Uber Vs Lyft | Difference Between Uber and Lyft

Lyft Vs Uber | Difference Between Lyft and Uber

This article compares various aspects of Lyft vs Uber and presents to you the dissimilarities. Read the article to know more.

1. Service Area and Hours Differences Between Uber and Lyft

The difference between Uber and Lyft lies in the number of cities that they operate in. The service area of Uber is larger than Lyft since Uber serves in hundreds of cities and Lyft operates only in 46 states of the US and the District of Columbia. So in this respect, it is better to opt for Uber vs Lyft. The similarities in the services are that both are available 24/7 and services reach you within a few minutes.Uber Vs Lyft | Difference Between Uber and Lyft

Also, the services can be booked well in advance. Here again, when you analyze Uber vs Lyft you will find Uber better than Lyft. The difference between Uber and Lyft advance booking services is that while you can book an Uber cab up to  30 days in advance, Lyft can be booked only up to 7 days in advance. Also Uber provides the advance booking services in most of the cities where it operates but Lyft can be booked in advance only in 25 cities.

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2. Service Type Differences Between Uber and Lyft

Uber offers various services and different vehicle types. The vehicle types include uber X basic sedan for 4 people,  Uber XL SUV for 6 people, and uber-SUV luxury SUV for 6 people. The stylish and high-end cars are provided by Uber-Select service. Other services are UberPOOL for sharing your ride with other people traveling in the same direction.  Uber-BLACK provides rides in black town cars for up to 4 people, and uberTAXI provides yellow car rides. All the cars are in good condition and provide a comfortable ride.Uber Vs Lyft | Difference Between Uber and Lyft

Lyft also provides a variety of vehicles and services which include — Original Lyft (regular vehicles for 4 passengers), Lyft Plus (regular vehicles for 6 passengers), Lyft Premier (high-end vehicles for 4 passengers), Lyft Lux ( premium black car service in luxury vehicles), Lyft Lux SUV (black SUV service for 6 people) and Lyft Line (carpool service)

So when you compare the services types of Lyft vs Uber you will not notice much difference between Uber and Lyft. Both have recent model cars with four doors, air conditioning, and no body damage.

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3. Cost and Payment

The cost of Uber and Lyft services vary according to the service type that you select and the demand.  The fares for both the services is a sum total of the distance rate and a basic fare. You have to pay the basic fare as a minimum fare for the service. The service charges will increase during the busiest hours and during high demands. The apps of both the services can calculate the fares of the travel in advance.

Uber X is the cheapest service available with Uber while the  UberSUV is the most expensive. Any changes made to an underway journey affects the price. The payments to both the Services can be made through their respective apps and both of them allow the fellow passengers to split the cost of the ride.

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Although most of the costing of Uber vs Lyft are similar, the only difference between Lyft and Uber is that Uber app does not give passengers a way to add a tip to their fare. The Lyft app, however, has this option. You can tip the Uber driver if you want with cash tips only.

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