Lowering your cable TV bills

Cable TV is getting expensive and the era of cable TV is dying as there are a lot of people who are into movies and shows are switching to the streaming services like Netflix and then there are people who are into sports and news, they need cable TV service for live events and news content. Is it true that the era of cable TV is dying? Because we have been listening to such rumors for years now. There are many features which you get with just the cable TV service. If you are on a low budget and cannot afford the cable bills, you can lower your cable TV bills in many ways. We are going to tell you some of them and I hope you can make the best out of them.Lowering your cable TV bills

Do your research and check availability

Do your research on all the cable providers available in your area. Check the availability of cable providers and then start researching them. Ask your neighbor about their cable TV service provider like how much are they paying for the services they are using and are they satisfied with the services. Check reviews on the internet. If there is a cheaper option available, switch to that option. Explore all the options available as switching to another cable company might be a good option for you as you will be getting the promotional package and the prices will remain the same for at least a year. You should know your needs, do not get anything extra if you are on a low budget. You can check the availability of providers in your area on different websites like localcabledeals.com. You just need to put in your zip code and all the providers available at your location would pop-up on your screen. Compare them with your current service provider and then make a decision.

Downsize your cable TV package

List down all the channels that you want in a package and see what are the other channels you are getting that you do not even watch. Usually, the prices for the premium channels are high. If you are not a big fan of movies and you are just into local and regular channels, try to get the basic package which includes just the regular and the basic channel. If you are looking for a specific premium channel, just add that up to your package. This way you will be saving a lot of money every month. Why should you pay for around 200+ channels when you don’t even watch 20 out of them? It doesn’t make any sense to pay extra for the channels that you do not even watch. Call the customer support department and tell them the channels you want and customize the package.

Check bundles

Check all the bundles available as to when you bundle your cable service with the internet service, you get a discount on all the services. This is the best way to save money every month. Many cable companies offer bundles. If you already have cable services, you can bundle it up with the internet and can discount on both cable and internet service. If your promotion with cable has expired and you bundle your cable service with the internet, you will be getting the promotional price of the bundle which means that the prices will remain the same for a year or two with the bundle package. While bundling the service, tell the salesperson about your needs so he/she can pull up the best package for you as per your need.

Get rid of the extra cable box

Each cable box will cost you some bucks every month. Every cable company charges extra for the cable box. If you have 4 TV’s at your house and you watch cable on only two of them, return the other two boxes and you will be saving a lot per annum. Many cable companies offer you the TV application with which you can stream Live TV without the box like with the Time Warner Cable company, you get Spectrum TV app, so if you have a smart TV or you have a smartphone, tablet or laptop and you want to stream the Live TV channels on them, you can do that without the box. All you need to do is download the app, log in with your credentials, and enjoy the channels. Check the TWC TV packages and see what else do they offer.

Final thoughts

If you are unable to lower your bill and you are done with the cable services but still want entertainment service at a low cost, get the streaming services and you can enjoy a lot of stuff. The streaming services are way cheaper than the cable TV service but there are many features that you get only with the cable TV service that you might need. Do your research before you make any decision.

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