LibreOffice vs OpenOffice Full Comparison

Since both the LibreOffice and Openoffice provide the best quality services, how would you choose the more productive one? Choosing the best one might be difficult for you, but not impossible. In fact, both the opponents are so similar that deciding the winner will depend solely on some small differences.

LibreOffice vs OpenOffice

So, In the battle of LibreOffice vs OpenOffice, let’s take a note of some differences which will help you to decide which software will be the right choice for you. Here are some of the most common differences of LibreOffice or OpenOffice.LibreOffice vs OpenOffice Full Comparison

1. LibreOffice vs OpenOffice: Installation

LibreOffice vs OpenOffice Full ComparisonThe first one common difference between is the installation process. It tends to affect only the Linux side. Most of the times, distributors ship the LibreOffice pre-installed, but if it doesn’t come installed, then you can do it with ease.

This was not possible in case of OpenOffice. Instead, you have to download or install it using an installer by following the manual steps. Actually, it’s not that hard, but the users who just want to run an operating while saving their time may prefer the LibreOffice.

Winner: LibreOffice

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2. LibreOffice vs OpenOffice: Security

LibreOffice vs OpenOffice Full ComparisonIn terms of security, LibreOffice is more successful than the OpenOffice. Thanks to its big team and resources, which made it one of the most secure programs on the internet with lots of regular updates. It also has a license which means that the LibreOffice can do much more when compared to the OpenOffice.

On the contrary, there are quite fewer chances of any updates in OpenOffice that clearly shows that they are not so well in terms of security and updates. It may take a while to track any bug or vulnerability which may be a risky choice for you.

Winner: LibreOffice

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3. LibreOffice vs OpenOffice: Releases

LibreOffice vs OpenOffice Full ComparisonLibreOffice is running forward than the OpenOffice in the case of releases. Currently, OpenOffice has the latest release of 4.1.1. and the LibreOffice has the 4.3.1 one. LibreOffice team always try to keep their software updated with lots of features and makes the iteration much more quickly than the OpenOffice. So, Is it a good thing or not?

On one hand, it ensures that the software is getting all the fixes and new features faster. On the contrary, it may hazardous to the span life of program because it could bring new bugs to your computer faster than ever. The LibreOffice tends to provide every new feature, whereas the OpenOffice updates seem to be dramatic.

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4. LibreOffice vs OpenOffice: Features

LibreOffice vs OpenOffice Full ComparisonIn fact, an average user may not see a lot of differences between both the programs, but when you look upon them side by side, you would see that the LibreOffice is quite advanced than the OpenOffice in terms of features. On one hand, the LibreOffice requires you to enable sidebar feature, whereas the OpenOffice turns it on automatically.

The sidebar gives you the instant access to manage all the functions of both the programs. There’s also an Android remote available in the LibreOffice and it also has the font feature that allows you to change text size and shape.

Final Verdict

So, Above are the most common differences between both the programs which you can consider while selecting the best one. If you ask me, then I would personally choose LibreOffice because I like the faster releases, updates, and features. So, what about you? which one do you prefer and why? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

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