LED vs LCD: Differences Between Both Displays

Are you looking forward to buying a new television, but confused whether to choose LED or LCD? Then, you have landed on the right page where I am gonna do a battle between LED vs LCD so that you can make a better choice. So, without wasting any more time, let’s start the LED vs LCD battle:LED vs LCD: Differences Between Both Displays

LED vs LCD: Differences Between Both Displays

There are a lot of differences which you can take into account while purchasing a new television for your home. But, we are not showing you each and every difference, instead of it, we have researched a lot about this and then we come to these common differences between the LED and LCD:

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1. LED vs LCD: Picture Quality

LED vs LCD: Differences Between Both DisplaysIf you want a better picture quality, then the television you will buy must have full array backlighting as well as local dimming. The LED can be dimmed or brighten individually depending on the user taste and preferences. If we look more into this, LED screens have better contrast and black level as compared to the LCD screens. Moreover, the LED TV also has a better color accuracy than the LCD TV. The viewing angle almost remains similar in both the TVs because it depends on the glass quality and type used by the Manufacturer.

Winner: LED

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2. LCD vs LED: Back Lighting

Both the LED and LCD TVs have a crystal display which is used to show the picture on the screen. An LCD display has two polarized layers of glass and it doesn’t contain the set of lamps which are present in  LED. On the LED display, there are back lamps available known as Light Emitting Diodes(LED). There are two types of technologies which are used to give backlighting to the screen as edge backlighting and full array backlighting. Almost every LED contains the full array backlighting, whereas the LCD is mainly produced with the edge backlighting.

Winner: LED

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3. LED vs LCD Monitor: Price & Efficiency

LED vs LCD: Differences Between Both DisplaysIf you are really concerned about the price and have a tight budget, then you can opt for LCD TV because of the price of an LCD tv has gone down so far after the invention of LED TVs. But, When we look at efficiency and power saving, then we recommend you to choose LED instead of the LCD. The reason behind that is LED TV requires less light to display a picture on the screen and that’s how it saves your energy. These are designed to provide better picture quality at a very low power consumption.

Winner: LED

4. LCD vs LED Monitor: Gaming

LED vs LCD: Differences Between Both DisplaysAre you a gaming addict or planning to hook up your gaming console to your TV? Then, You must for LCD because it doesn’t have any burn-in effect, which will normally happen with LED TVs.

Also, if you are looking to buy a home theater and then attach it to your TV, then you may also opt for the LCD TVs because it provides better sound quality.

Final Verdict: Which One is Better?

Both of the displays have their own pros and cons and now it’s up to you to consider these differences while choosing a better option. But, if you ask me, then I recommend you to buy a LED TV and the rest of the decision depends on your needs and requirements. I hope this post helped you to get what you were looking for. Do you have any queries or questions to ask? Let me know in the comment section below so that I can help you.

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