How to Fix Kmode Exception Not Handled Error in Windows 10

Kmode_exception_not_handled on Windows 10 is a  BSOD error. There are various forms of this error. This error causes various troubles for the user. This will cause your computer to restart again and again. Also, you may not be able to access Windows 10 at all due to this error. Kmode Exception Not Handled error happens due to various reasons, e.g if the driver of your computer is not good. Similarly, some software that you have installed can also cause this error.

How to Fix Kmode Exception Not Handled Error in Windows 10Fixing Kmode Exception Not Handled Error on Windows 10

The causes of a Kmode_exception_not_handled error can be any of the following:

  • The kmode_exception_not_handled mostly gives the name of the file that caused the error.  This information is really useful. The devices or applications that are a cause of the error can thus be identified.
  • Error kmode_exception_not_handled due to overclocking – If you speed up the clock of your computer for better performance, it can cause a kmode_exception_not_handled error.
  • RAM as a cause of kmode_exception_not_handled – If the RAM of your computer is not well, it can cause the kmode_exception_not_handled error.
  • Kmode_exception_not_handled USB – the error can also occur if your USB device or the diver of your computer is not working well.

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Solutions for Kmode_exception_not_handled error

You can try the following solutions to fix the Kmode_exception_not_handled error on your computer.

1. Uninstall Your Antivirus Software

How to Fix Kmode Exception Not Handled Error in Windows 10A lot of people have reported that McAfee antivirus software can cause the kmode_exception_not_handled error on Windows 10.  Therefore you should remove McAfee antivirus from your PC to get rid of this error. You can instead use some other antivirus software from among the best antivirus.

2. Rename the Problematic File

Many software can cause The Kmode Exception Not Handled BSOD error on Windows 10. Many users have reported that BitDefender can cause this error.  The kmode_exception_not_handled error shows the file which has caused this error. You can change the name of the file which causes this error. For example, you can change the file name from bdselfpr.sys to bdselfpr.s_. But it is important to know which are the crucial files. You can do some research to know about the crucial files. Make sure that you do not change the name of any of these files.

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3. Check your RAM to Fix Kmode Exception Not Handled

kmode_exception_not_handled error on windows 10 can be caused by a faulty RAM module.  However, this problem can be solved. Follow these steps to correct the error.

  1. Press Windows Key + R and enter mdsched.exe. Press Enter or click OK.
  2. Then ‘Windows Memory Diagnostic’ window will appear. It will give you two options. Choose one of the two options. Then follow the given instructions.How to Fix Kmode Exception Not Handled Error in Windows 10

4. Update your Network Drivers

How to Fix Kmode Exception Not Handled Error in Windows 10The network adapter of your computer can be a reason for the Kmode_exception_not_handled netio.sys error for Windows 10.  You should update your network adapter drivers. You should visit the website of the network adapter manufacturer. here you can download the latest version of the network adapter drivers.

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5. Replace your RAM

How to Fix Kmode Exception Not Handled Error in Windows 10A faulty RAM is a cause of the  Kmode Exception Not Handled ntfs.sys, according to many users.  This can be solved by finding the faulty RAM module and then replacing it. You can have this done by some repair shop if your computer is under warranty.


This is how you can Fix Kmode Exception Not Handled Error in Windows 10. I am sure it will solve your problem. And if you find any difficulty then let us know it the comment section below. We will try help you. Keep visiting here for more tech articles.

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