iSkysoft Filmora Video Editor Review: Best Video Editing Tool

There is a lot of basic and professional level video editing software available to use, some of them are free and some of them are paid. Every editing software is made focused on some key elements.

Some editors are really easy to use but have many limitations, on the other hand, some of them have most of the high-end features but not really intuitive to start with.

Working in the industry from quite some time now, I have used many of them to collaborate with other editors and artists. One of them is Wondershare Filmora Video Editor, and to be honest this is one of the best video editing software now.

Wondershare Filmora

iSkysoft Filmora Video Editor Review: Best Video Editing ToolThe application has evolved a lot from the last few years.  Does not matter if you are just starting with video editing or a professional already, Filmora will give you the peace of mind as the user interface is really intuitive and easy to use and have a lot to offer.  Let’s have a quick overview of the software first.

User Interface

iSkysoft Filmora Video Editor Review: Best Video Editing Tool

Like most of the modern editing software, the UI has a dark theme enabled by default. All the main options you need to focus on, like video editing, audio editing, rendering all have their separate tabs, so the main window is neat and clean, and options are easy to find.

The basic features like adding a file to the timeline, cutting and pasting shots, removing audio or video are just one click away. There are many keyboard shortcuts to make the whole process faster.

The welcome screen also shows you all the latest featured added to the software and how to use them. If your projects include a lot of video and audio files you can also manage those by creating bins on the Media window.

Filmora supports 100 video and audio tracks which is more than enough for most of the projects.


iSkysoft Filmora Video Editor Review: Best Video Editing ToolAs mentioned you can add up to 100 audio layers on a project which can be manipulated with the inbuilt audio mixer.  The mixer is not comparable to any stand-alone audio editing application, but it gets the job done for most of the time with ease.

Filmora comes with much great stock music and many more can be downloaded from the Wondershare Filmstock library. You can also change the audio output to mono, stereo or surround depending on your needs.


iSkysoft Filmora Video Editor Review: Best Video Editing ToolMost of the time you have to manually make titles and lower thirds on editing software and if you do not have in-depth knowledge, most of the time those look amateur.

But in Wondershare Filmora they already provide lots of titles and lower thirds to use and you can download more from Filmstock.

All the title already available is more than enough for most projects.


iSkysoft Filmora Video Editor Review: Best Video Editing ToolMany professional level editing software comes with 10 to 15 transitions which are all right for small projects. But when you will edit films or music videos there is certainly a need for more of transitions.

Not 20 or 30, Filmora is preloaded with 178 great transitions and just like Titles, more can be downloaded from Wondershare Filmstocks. So you will never have to install third-party plugins for that.

All the transitions are also grouped in Transition Tab so that makes easier to get the one you need for the project easily. There is also an option to add transitions to your favourite for the faster editing process.


iSkysoft Filmora Video Editor Review: Best Video Editing ToolThe Effect tab of Filmora is divided into 3 groups– Filters, Overlays and Utility.


On the Filter tab, you can get some great LUTs which can make your footage pop or make them look like an old school film. You can also make your footage Black & White with just one click. Point to be noted is you can also manually play with the colours of your footage to give a great look, but LUTs just make the whole process faster.


87 Overlays are available and more can be downloaded in Filmora from Wondershare FilmStocks. From Cinematic Black Bars to great Light Leaks, everything is included here. For me, the Filter and Overlay tabs are a bit messy, so it might take some time to remember which effect is on which tab. But on the other hand, there is an option to search for effects if you know exactly the one you need.


On the Utility tab, you can find all the necessary masking options and some other effects. There is an Auto Enhance option too, in case you are learning the whole colour grading system and in a hurry.


iSkysoft Filmora Video Editor Review: Best Video Editing ToolIn many projects, there is a need for badges, symbols or arrows. All these things can be found in the Element tab. These elements come very usefully as otherwise, you will need to go to other websites to use them or have to manually make them, which takes time.


Wondershare Filmora supports all the important file formats used currently and can also render your project in high-quality formats for various platforms. You can also directly upload your footages on YouTube or Vimeo up to 4k resolution. Although not many people use DVDs nowadays, Filmora still has this feature, which may come handy sometime.


iSkysoft Filmora Video Editor Review: Best Video Editing ToolSome time price of the product changes your decision to buy the software. Keeping this mind Wondershare has given many options to choose from. You can use the software with all the features free of cost forever but the output video will have a small watermark of Filmora.

If you want to get rid of that you can get a license for a year for $39.99 or get a lifetime license for $59.99 now. In case you want to use the effects and transitions found in the Wondershare Filmstocks you have to pay $79.99 annually including the base annual fare of the software itself.


So as you can see there are no limitations on Wondershare Filmora which can stop your imagination.

Everything a professional level video editing software needs is already present here in a really intuitive way so you can be immersed and be focused on your editing process rather than looking for features you are looking for.

Most of the options are in their own separate tabs and the UI looks polished and well arranged.

Everyone who has used and editing software before, or just started learning will easily get their hands on Filmora really fast.

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