Is MalwareFox Legit and Safe?

MalwareFox is an antimalware solution that is gradually gaining popularity among security programs. With increasing demand, it is also raising the questions in the mind of the people, whether it is legitimate or safe to use or not? Well, let us find that out. Is MalwareFox Legit and Safe?

MalwareFox Features 

MalwareFox antimalware solution provides your system safeguard against every modern and old malware attacks such as Viruses, Trojans, Spyware, Adware, Browser Hijackers, Ransomware, and more. It is reputed as one of the most lightweight antimalware solutions because it uses minimal system resources to run and perform a scan. These are the main features of the MalwareFox:

  • Real-Time Protection: MalwareFox provides real-time protection against external threats so that they can be caught even before harming the system in any way. It works in the background and does not bother much to your system’s resources. It monitors the network as well as when an external drive is attached to the system.
  • Scanning Option: MalwareFox provides its users with three scanning options Full Scan, Manual Scan, and Schedule Scan. A full scan would thoroughly scan your system’s every single file and remove the suspicious ones. It is recommended to perform a full scan when you install MalwareFox for the first time. Using a manual scan, you can scan a particular file if you feel it may contain malware. Just drag and drop that file on the MalwareFox main interface. A schedule scanning would let you schedule a time for performing the scan according to your preference.
  • Signature and Cloud-based Testing: MalwareFox uses signature-based and cloud-based technology to catch malicious files. Once a suspicious file is detected, it undergoes a signature test. If the signature is matched, the threat is blocked or removed. If the signature is not matched, then it uploads the suspect file to the cloud to check its behavior.
  • Compatibility: The best thing about MalwareFox is, unlike other antimalware programs, it does not interfere with other security solutions. If you are already using Windows Defender or another antivirus, then also you can install and use MalwareFox without any issue.
  • Price: Despite providing many advanced features, MalwareFox, like its application, is quite lightweight to the pocket too. You can get its premium version for just $29.99.

Is MalwareFox Legit?

The best way to know whether the software is legit or not is by checking the user reviews and ratings for that software. If we consider that, then MalwareFox is undoubtedly a legitimate and, in fact, a trusted antimalware program. Take a look at the Trustpilot rating and some of the user reviews for MalwareFox.Is MalwareFox Legit and Safe?

One of the customers, Kathy, stated that after using a number of other antimalware programs, her problem was solved, only after she installed the MalwareFox.Is MalwareFox Legit and Safe?

Another user, Dr. Hubert Hechabarria, mentioned that he had used many other antimalware which do not perform as they claim, but after using MalwareFox, he was fully satisfied. Is MalwareFox Legit and Safe?

There are many more such reviews about MalwareFox that makes it very clear that it is a trusted antimalware solution used by many.

Is MalwareFox Safe?

As we can see in the reviews, MalwareFox is used by many people, and they did not find it unsafe in any way. However, we would test it ourselves to check for any threat in MalwareFox. 

For that, we would download the MalwareFox installer file and test it on VirusTotal. For those of you who don’t know, VirusTotal is a hub of the major security programs engine. You can test any file or link on the site for any malware.

So, when we checked the MalwareFox installer on it, this was the result.

Is MalwareFox Legit and Safe?Clearly, none of the engine detected any malicious file in the installer, so it is totally safe to execute it.

Final Words

MalwareFox is an emerging antimalware program. From the reviews and testing, it is crystal clear that it is legitimate software and completely safe to install and use. Not only this from the reviews, but we also get to know that despite being a lightweight program, it is quite effective and robust in malware detection. If you are thinking of getting it, you should definitely go for it.

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