8 Best Interesting and Cool Websites To Kill Time

The Internet is growing bigger day by day, and it never fails to amaze us. Also its the place where people come to kill time, except gym of course. Our dear internet has lots of website including all kind of contents. But there are some interesting websites which are created for the sole purpose of killing time and giving out some level of satisfaction to the user. So to cover that we made this article on the best cool websites which you can try right now! let’s get started.8 Best Interesting and Cool Websites To Kill Time

10 Cool Websites From The Internet

We have compiled a test of the most interesting websites which are alive on the internet. Check them out one by one.

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1. Little Alchemy

8 Best Interesting and Cool Websites To Kill TimeWe hope you know something about Alchemy. If not, then don’t worry, it’s not complicated like rocket science. You just have to mix random stuff to make random stuff. Sounds boring and stupid but addictive as hell!

So, this website deals with the simulation of alchemy. You can create everything with the combinations of air, water, fire and eath. Also, you don’t have to worry about losing your alchemy achievements as once you load up the site again, all your alchemy materials which you have yet discovered so far will be there. So, you can continue where you left off previously. There are total 580 items to unlock, and we are not sure what you will get after you unlock all 580. But I’m telling you, it is hard and addictive.

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2. Mental Floss

8 Best Interesting and Cool Websites To Kill TimeDo you love hidden secrets and conspiracy theories? Well then, you will love this. Its one of those cool websites where you can read about hidden secrets of all the trending web stories. It contains such information about every niche from tech, fashion, business, sports, etc. So it has some spicy content for you whether you’re a nerd or a cool football player. Read this daily, and you will have tonnes of topics as conversation starters.

3. Vieuus

8 Best Interesting and Cool Websites To Kill TimeDo you love youtube? Yes? Yes? Well, we all do. But youtube trending page is always filled with those cats videos and kissing prank videos. So if you want to explore some cool channels and videos of your interest, then you gotta visit Vieuus. Its one of those interesting websites that sort youtube content. It has every category you can think of, from cute animals to dirty politics. Everything!

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4. A Good Movie To Watch

8 Best Interesting and Cool Websites To Kill TimeDo you want to watch a good movie? Then head on to this website as it will recommend you movies according to your taste. You can choose movies according to genre and mood, also randomly, if you like surprises.


8 Best Interesting and Cool Websites To Kill TimeThis one is the cool websites which I was looking for a long time. It hosts 30 movies. I repeat – “only 30 movies” at a time then they delete it. So if you want to watch movies just hover up there and watch it before it gets removed.

6. The Moth

8 Best Interesting and Cool Websites To Kill TimeThere are a lot of interesting websites out there but this is the most interesting. It hosts real-life stories told by people themselves. It also features podcasts, if that’s your thing.


8 Best Interesting and Cool Websites To Kill TimeDo you like comics? Well, you might have landed on many cool websites that host comics but, this one is different. It holds satirical cartoons which are hilariously funny. Move on to this site and update your jokes dictionary.

8. BoredPanda

8 Best Interesting and Cool Websites To Kill TimeI think you probably know this one. But we will tell you anyways; Bored panda is one of the coolest websites that host the most interesting articles on the planet. No, not like BuzzFeed. Just check it up, and you will know what we are talking about.


So, guys, We hope you had fun visiting these cool websites. There are millions of such websites on the internet, but we cant add them all in one post, right? We might post few more in upcoming articles so keep visiting this blog. Thanks for reading 😀 and have a great day.

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