IMAP Vs POP3 | Full Detailed Comparison

IMAP and POP are the two terms which you might have come across while setting up an e-mail client or app. These are the two services which make it possible for you to access your e-mails from a third-party application. Being unaware of both the terms, it was difficult to choose one of them and thus we used to decide with the help of traditional hit and trial method to check which among the two works fine for us. To use the benefits of these two services, it is very important to understand them in an elaborate sense. Thus this article will help you to delve deep into the working, usage, and differences between IMAP Vs POP3, these tow services so that next time you know which one to choose among these two services.IMAP Vs POP3 | Full Detailed Comparison

IMAP Vs POP3 Full Comparison


IMAP translates to Internet Message Access Protocol. This service works on the principle that the received as well as the sent e-mails are stored on the server. It allows you to sync and access your e-mails through various devices.


  1. It is more convenient as you access your e-mails anytime from any device around the globe.
  2. The service provides you with an option to store e-mails locally.


  1. It provides the user with less security as the e-mails can be accessed from any device.

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POP stands for Post Office Protocol. The service works differently than IMAP. Here, the sent as well as the received e-mails are stored on a single device unlike IMAP. It is possible to access the e-mails only from that single device on which they have been stored.


  1. The user can enjoy more privacy and security as it is not possible to access the e-mail from any other device.
  2. The e-mails are always stored locally and therefore, users have an option to access them even in the absence of an Internet connection.
  3. It has an option to incorporate multiple servers and e-mail accounts into one inbox.


  1. It is less convenient as it would be difficult to access e-mail in case the device which was previously being used to access e-mails is lost or damaged.

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Which service should you choose for yourself in the battle of IMAP Vs POP 3?

Choose POP:

  1. If you want to enjoy high privacy and security as it allows you to access your e-mails only from one device.
  2. If you want to access your e-mails even in the absence of Internet connection then you should go for POP. Though Internet is required to send and receive e-mails.

Choose IMAP:

  1. If you want to access your e-mail conveniently from multiple devices.
  2. Also if you possess a stable Internet connection to rely upon.
  3. If you want your e-mails to be backed up constantly.

Though there is no clear winner in this battle of IMAP Vs POP, it is better to use one of the services which suites the way you access your e-mails. We advice our readers to use the Internet in a better way and always be cautious about the online scams.

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