How to UnJailBreak an iPhone Quickly

While we have ample of articles on the Internet dealing with the complicated process of Jailbreaking iPhones, we find very few articles about the how to unjailbreak iPhone. Unjailbreaking iPhone is nothing but exactly the reverse process of Jailbreaking to unjailbreak iphone, how to unjailbreak iphone without computer,  how to unjailbreak iphone ios 11

It brings the iPhone back to the state when the process of the Jailbreaking had not been performed on it. It again imposes the software restrictions and lets you operate your device on the iOS actually meant for your iPhone.

How to UnJailbreak an iPhone

Jailbreaking an iPhone can provide you with an entirely different and unique experience of the device. It removes all the software restrictions imposed by Apple and allows you to enjoy applications that you won’t be able to run on the regular iOS.

While Jailbreaking works great for some people, others are more comfortable running their iPhones on iOS. Even if you jailbreak your iPhone just to experience how it feels, you do not need to worry as you have an option of returning back to iOS at any point of time.

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So, the question which arises here is and searched on the Internet is, “How to unjailbreak iPhone?”. So through this article, we are going to make sure that you get to learn and understand the process of unjailbreaking iPhones.

Steps to UnJailBreak an iPhone:

  1. Open iTunes and plug your iPhone into the computer.
  2. Try finding the Device icon in the upper left corner. Click on the icon and it will open the device summary screen for you.How to UnJailBreak an iPhone Quickly
  3. Click on the Back up Now option to back up all your device’s apps and settings.How to UnJailBreak an iPhone Quickly
  4. It is recommended to disable the Find my iPhone service. when trying to restore your iPhone. Therefore, go to Settings > iCloud > Scroll down and search for Find My iPhone, then disable Find my iPhone service.How to UnJailBreak an iPhone Quickly
  5. Now go back to iTunes already open on your computer and click on Restore iPhone option.How to UnJailBreak an iPhone Quickly
  6. A popup on the screen will ask you if you want to back up your iPhone, click on Don’t Backup as you have already been through that process in step 3.
  7. The next popup will ask you to restore your iPhone. Click on Restore option to go ahead with the process of restoring your iPhone. The process will take several minutes.
  8. Now, you have two options, Set up as new iPhone which is like starting from the scratch while Restore from this backup is an option to get back all your apps, settings and contacts previously present on your iPhone.
  9. Restoring the backup to your device will take around 5-6 minutes. Once the process is successfully completed, your iPhone will be rebooted. You may unlock the iPhone to see iOS Setup Assistant iOS screen. Keep swiping to the right and set up your iPhone.

After successfully completing the process, you might notice the darkened out icons of some apps and a Waiting status which is just a reminder of the apps being downloaded and installed on the device.

Read the above mentioned thoroughly and perform them in the correct sequence will give you an iPhone ready to use and free of the Jailbreak status.

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1. how to unjailbreak iPhone ios 11?

Ans:- If you will follow above given method, then you can unjailbreak ios 12, ios 11 and other versions.

2. how to unjailbreak iPhone without Computer?

Ans:- Now in this era, everything is possible. And yes, unjailbreak iPhone without Computer is also possible. But this process is a little bit risky and hard. So we have not mentioned in this post.


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