How To Unblock Websites on Chrome

Google Chrome is among the popularly used browsers across the world today. However, sometimes you may be unable to access certain websites through the browser. Google Chrome may block some websites for various reasons like: if Google is convinced that the site may contain malicious components, which may harm your computer, or expose your private information. You can fix the problem with any of the methods below.How To Unblock Websites on Chrome

Clear a Website from the Blocked Websites List 

Go to the proxy settings on Google Chrome and check whether the site you are searching for is in the restricted websites list. If it has been listed, all you need to do to fix the issue is remove it.  

If the site is not listed, go to Google Chrome, click on the three dots available at the upper corner on your right, then tap on settings. Scroll down and tap on the Advanced option. You will see the System Option. Now click Open Proxy Settings. Click Restricted Sites on the Security tab option before tapping Sites. If you see the website you are searching for on the list, select it, then click Remove.  

Now tap OK to complete the setting. Restart your Google Chrome browser to determine whether the problem has been solved. 

 Leverage VPN to Unrestrict Websites 

Internet restrictions often vary from one country to another. Often, Google Chrome restricts a website depending on governments or other organizations (companies or schools) restrictions.  

If you cannot access a website due to related reasons, you will need a VPN to hide your location. You can leverage any virtual private network on your computer. If you do not have one, you can read review about ExpressVPN, one of the best options in the market today. With this VPN, you can sidestep geo-restrictions to access your desired site. What’s more, the VPN secures your data while protecting you from cybercriminals. It is also easy to use.  

To use this virtual private network, consider downloading it to your gadget. Once the download is complete, run it, then launch it. Connect to any server in your preferred location and browse privately. 

 Reset the Hosts File to Unrestrict Sites 

Check your Hosts file. It comprises the outline of internet protocol addresses to hosts names. You can access it from C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc. However, if the file has been changed, then you could experience difficulties.  

Ensure your Hosts file is unhidden. Launch Control Panel and select the view by large icons option. Tap on the File Explorer Options, the View tab, and click Show hidden folders, files, and drives to ensure you can see the hosts file. Right-click the hosts option and launch it with Notepad. If the website you are searching is listed with the numbers, that means your hosts file has been customized. In this case, you will be unable to access the website.  

Highlight the entire line containing the URL and discard it. Save your changes before closing the Notepad. Restart your browser to check if your changes have been effected.  

Leverage Google Chrome Extensions to Unrestrict Websites

Downloading and installing a Chrome extension can be all you need to unblock a website on the browser. This method is similar to using a VPN, with the difference being that you can only access the extension from the Google Chrome browser. 

There are numerous extensions you can use before determining what works best for your needs. Regardless of the option you choose, here is how to go about it. 

Open Google Chrome and click on the three dots available at the upper corner on your right-hand side. Click on the more tools options to reveal extensions. Launch the extensions menu on the left side and click on the Open Chrome Web Store Option. Search your preferred extension and click on the Add to Chrome option. Sign up, install, and run your extension. Remember, you can modify permissions for a particular website to guarantee easy access. 

If you cannot download from your preferred website, you can change the settings quickly and fast by clicking on the sign right in front of the website address. You could see various options and signs like Info, Lock, or Dangerous. Click on the Site settings option and change the permission depending on your preferences. 


Apart from restrictions, you may be unable to access your site for various reasons. For example, the website could be having issues, or your network could be down. You need to rule out other factors before establishing whether your site is restricted. Use these tips to unblock a restricted website and gain access to your preferred website.

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