I remember when I got a document from my university enrollment letter which I need to sign it and send back. At that particular moment, I printed out the document and manually signed and scanned to document and emailed it to my university. However, I realized that there is some better and easier way to sign PDF documents. So, I decided to draft this guide on How to sign a PDF file and how PDF signature takes place. Let’s get started.

Electronic Signatures, Not Digital Signatures

Just to come out loud and clear, this article deals with PDF signatures and not digital signatures, a digital signature is quite a different terminology. In short, a digital signature is a secure cryptographical key which verifies your sign in/ login via decrypting the digital signature. Its lost more complicated but also very secure. One everyday life example of a digital signature is fingerprint locks, which came out first in iPhone 5s as face ID. Now let’s begin with the process of pdf signature.

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How To Electronically Sign PDF On Windows PC

You can add a signature to PDF via some free programs like Adobe Reader. Below are some easy steps which will help you to sign pdf documents on the go.

1. Download Adobe Reader from their official site and install the program.

2. Right-click on any pdf document and open it with Adobe Reader. You can also double-click on file, it will automatically open up in Adobe as long as you don’t have other third-party pdf reader installed.

3. Click on the Fill & Sign button which you will find in the top right panel.

4. Click on Sign button which is visible on the top bar and choose Place Signature/Add signature.

5. Now you can use text or graphical signature. Just drag your mouse and draw your signature.

6. After drawing your signature, press Apply.

7. Choose File >> Save and save this signature so that you can use it again in the future.

8. Now you can access this signature via the sign button which is available on the top bar.

Note: You can also use a scanned image of your handwritten signature as well. All you have to do is sign on a blank piece of paper. Scan it in your scanner and use that image while creating a signature in step 5.

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How To Electronically Sign PDF On Mac OS

Mac OS comes with it pre-installed pdf viewer named Preview which also doubles as an image viewer. You can use Preview to add a signature to pdf documents. And it’s quite easy to do. Below are the steps to do so.

  1. Double click on any pdf document, and it will open in preview.
  2. Click on markup tool.
  3. Now select the signature/Sign icon as shown below.
  4. Choose Trackpad option and tap on “click here to begin
  5. Scroll your fingers on your trackpad to draw a signature and then hit enter and click on done.
  6. After that, click on signature option again and select your signature.
  7. Now you can use this signature whenever you want. The preview will remember this signature forever until you delete it.

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How To Sign a PDF On Mobile

Thre are a lot of pdf signature apps available in the App store and play store which helps to sign pdf or add a signature to pdf files which are stored locally on your device or from an email.

1. In iOS

You can use markup tool which appears while viewing any pdf document. Just click the briefcase icon and rest of the steps are as same as they were in Mac OS. Also, your signatures will sync between all your Apple devices, so you don’t have to create them again.

2. In Android

Download Adobe fill & sign app and use it to create a signature of yours to sign pdf on the go. The process is same as the one we used in windows.


That’s for all today. Hope you learned how pdf signature works. If you’re facing any issues on how to sign a pdf, then let us know in comments down below. We will help you in every way possible.



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